I’m Still Two! Looking Forward (and a Giveaway!)


So, yesterday we took a little stroll down memory lane. That’s always nice. But today, we’re going to talk about what’s to come! Last year, I did this too- my goals for the next year- and this is pretty shocking: I actually achieved a lot of them! Let’s take a look!

October 2014


Well, look at that! I did all those things! Except for the first one, and let’s be honest, maybe it just isn’t in the cards for me to ever be a calm human being. But YAY to actual goal achievement! With that little success in mind, let’s make a few new goals!

Going Forward

  • Learn more technical bloggish stuff. Design stuff, coding, that sort of thing. I don’t need to be a WordPress wizard or anything, but maybe just enough to get by?
  • BEA! Yeah, that is on the list again, for obvious reasons! It was so much fun last year, and even though this year involves a felony (kidnapping Val, of course), I need to go. Also, Chicago. I love thee, Chicago.
  • Try not to take every perceived rejection as such. Look, I am never going to calm down, but I at least need to understand that if I don’t get a book, or a few less comments one day, it doesn’t mean that I suck at both blogging and life and that I need to quit. Perspective is key.
  • Get ahead of my posts. I am never going to be one of those people with 50 reviews and 17 discussions scheduled. It isn’t me, nor do I have the time. BUT, I would like to at least have a small buffer for life. Just a week or two, which leads me to the next goal…
  • If I need time, to take it. If I need to not post for a few days because I am burned out, I need to accept that and let it happen.
  • Read some of the bagillion books I have purchased. Let’s make a numerical goal. Say… 12. Twelve books (one each month) that I have pre ordered two years ago or something 😉
  • Hunger Games reread #10. This really needs to happen, let’s hold me accountable! It’s been almost two years since my last re-read, and this is unacceptable!
  • Attend some other bookish event. I wanted to go to Nori’s event this summer, but all hell broke loose. So, it can be a goal for this year!
  • Write more. This isn’t technically bloggish, but it’s bookish, so it’s in.
  • Come up with something new and fresh for the blog. I don’t know what this will be. Surprises are fun.

And, just like the bloggish things I want to do, there are some books, of course, that I seriously cannot wait to read. This isn’t even going to be a full list, because I am only including books with covers (and that can be pre-ordered for the giveaway!), so without further ado… the “I Need These Books!”


Um, I am basically going to need some kind of time extender, please and thank you. This was the cut down list, and is only through June. I am in trouble 😉 


You know the drill! One of you gets one of those ^^ books. Read the terms, etc.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, and remember how yesterday, I told you about the human that I had surgically removed the day after I created this blog? Well, he turns two today. I’ll be over in the corner sobbing if you need me. Here’s a cute baby then and now to entertain you while you wait.sams

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76 responses to “I’m Still Two! Looking Forward (and a Giveaway!)

  1. You did great with your goals!

    Technical blogging stuff can be so hard, hence why I don’t do it. Haha, that’s one reason.


    You’ll never suck at blogging and life. <3 I need to take rejection a bit less harsh as well, especially for books I physically request and never received (then again, they were for November releases…).

    I know what you mean, I WANT to be one of those people with 50 reviews and 17 discussions scheduled but that is totally not me, the great procrastinator.

    Haha, I need to also work on reading previously purchased books. Um, I started one yesterday? #Progress But it was a Kindle book. #Fail

    I'll hold you accountable for the THG re-read because I still (you know what's coming) have to read the final book

    Two two two two two.

    There are so many pretty books coming out…

    SAMMY. HE'S SO CUTEEEE. Aw, he's getting so big. 🙁 It's funny, the small humans end up to be…big humans. Weirddd. Too bad they don't stay small, I'm guessing. Haha.

    Congrats again<3

  2. Don’t feel bad, your midnight is my 3 am. I may or may not go back and change the time on the occasional post that goes up late even though no one actually sees the exact time of posts except me lol. Discussions really are fun though! Different opinions is what makes life interesting. So I will totally participate. Can’t wait to see all the things you have planned for your blogging future 🙂

  3. You are doing exceptionaly well i think^^ and your little one is absolutely superb give him a hug from me ( happy birthday song as well;))

    what i want to accomplish next year? succeed at having teh same day to post my weekly review would be great and if i could find some balance between reading time, crafting time and simply life that would be the best success ever^^

    thank you a lot for your generosity and for including most of us!

  4. AWWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR ADORABLE TINY SURGICALLY REMOVED HUMAN. SO CUUUUUTE!! (And 2 years? Omg. Good luck. *salutes you brave soul*)
    And these are FABULOUS goals. Although, pfft, calmness? Who wants to be calm anyway? Totally overrated. XD I would like to make goals like this *nods* Although usually I make ridiculous goals each year and NEVER COMPLETE THEM and it’s a problem. Like I made a list of 22 things to do before I’m 22 and I’m like down to 4 months to go and I’ve completed um, like, 2 of the thing son the list. -_- BUT STILL LISTS ARE FUN TO MAKE. I’d like to relax a bit on my rigorous reading schedule and just admit I can’t read ALL the books so enjoy the ones I am reading a bit more. (Although, omg, I want to read all the books of ever.)

  5. I’ve only started blogging this year so in 2016, I definitely want to try new things on my blog. Maybe blogger collabs? And also a blog hop or something? I also want to increase the number of book reviews I do monthly because I do really enjoy writing those. Plus, I do need to read more of the books I bought and arcs I received. For some reason, they just keep pilling up… XD

  6. Sam

    Cheers to 2 years! I know blogging is tough (I watch my daughter pour hours into her blog), and you are doing a great job. My goals have, more or less, been the same for quite a while — new job, lose weight (I am boring that way). Keep up the great work, and your little human is adorable. =)

  7. *waves to surgically removed human* Happy birthday to him! I think you did splendidly with your goals, especially your lovely discussion posts. I ought to add requesting ARCs to next year’s bucket list, really. I’ve given up on tech-y stuff — I’ll learn as much as I need to survive on Blogger, and when I start adulting and have my own income, I’ll switch to Squarespace. I JUST CANNOT COMPUTER. #technologicalfailme But I await the new changes on ISAM when it’s all prettied up with HTML and CSS! And I can’t wait to see how your writing goes 😀 😀

  8. Congratulations again on your second anniversary! And the kiddo turned two, wow! Mine was 1 in September – I started my blog when I was 6 months pregnant. 🙂
    I like your goals – especially the ones that can be summed up as “calm down and take a breath” – I need to remember to do that more often, too.
    I had a month’s worth of posts scheduled for Aug/Sep because I knew I was going to have very little time to blog, and I really liked it because it took off the pressure SO MUCH. So I really want to write up a number of posts I can use as a buffer when I have less time to blog – around the holidays, for example.
    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  9. Congratulations on turning two! And happy birthday to your little human. Looks adorable 😀
    You’ve got some very nice goals here. I wish I could go to BEA but I’m stuck in Europe where no fun bookish events happen *le sigh*. As for my goals, I’d like to move to self-hosted WordPress and get a new design and all but I’m scared of the process. Any advice? Thanks so much!

    May you celebrate many more blogoversaries to come!

  10. Maida

    My goal for the next year is to do very well at the uni, to deepen my relationships and give as much love as I can to the people I love <3 … also to read many many books, because I didn't have that much time this year and also to just do things that make me happy all the time! 🙂

  11. Aw happy birthday to your little guy! We have a second birthday coming up in a couple of months as well but I think we hit that terrible two stage early 🙁 Lots of great goals!! Goodluck with them all! I have been trying to get ahead with scheduling stuff for the blog so I don’t stress as much. I would love to do BEA especially since I went to Chicago last month and loved it. Too bad that ish cost too much money. Maybe if it comes back to NYC. Congrats again on 2 years!!

  12. Suz Reads

    I would like to spend more time with family and friends, relax more and read more books 🙂 Thanks for this amazing giveaway – I would love to win!

  13. Is bad to just go with the flow? But realistically speaking, I just want to read other genres besides ya contemporaries and review more books and movies. Your goals inspired me to become organized, seeing that you fulfilled most of it and it was pretty amazing. I’m happy to have found your wonderful blog and may it continue to inspire other people in the many more years to come. In the words of Spock, “Live long and prosper.”

  14. Kimberly Vanderbloom

    My goal is finish 150 books this year. I lost a little ground this summer but I know it will be close.

  15. I set goals last year to blog every day, and I’ve pretty much done that. I think my next year goals are going to be to not request so many egalleys that I get as overwhelmed as I am right now, and that I can get more books from my TBR piles read. Plus, having to blog every day can get a little tiring, and I want to make sure to do more interaction with other blogs next year.

  16. Cali W.

    Happy Blogoversary and thanks for the giveaway!! I don’t know what I want to do in the next year; I just know that I want to do something big and make some changes. 😉

  17. Congrats on all your accomplishments! I wish I could volunteer to help you with the coding, but that’s on my list too. I do know basic HTML though if you need help with that. Good luck with your writing! What kind of stories? Aww! What a cutie!

  18. First of all, your son looks absolutely adorable. He’s going to become a dashing, handsome young man someday 😉 Hopefully he’ll love books just as much as his mom (I have no doubt of this!). Second, HAPPY 2ND BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!! 2 years is not an easy feat, my friend, so I congratulate you for getting this far, and I, once again, have no doubt that you will continue to test your limits and boundaries to become the best you that you can be 😀

    Third, I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HERE! Especially when it comes to rejection (it’s okay, we can get the books when they come out) and taking a break when you need it. I remember a time ago when I was so tired with blogging but continued on anyway because I kept thinking of the image of the blog, only for me to feel even worse. If one is feeling negative, the blog also gets influenced by that!

    Fourth of all, I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! 😉 I can’t wait to see how much you will grow as a blogger in the years to come 😀

  19. I am a big fan of building up a post buffer. I usually run at least one month ahead which often means I do not post every day but since most people read asynchronously I don’t worry as long as I have at least three posts a week. I’m right there with you about wanting to make more writing/generally creative time. Here’s hoping!

  20. Still congrats! 😀 You did great with your goals. And to take some time if you feel burned out is definitely a good one for this year. It’s kind of cool that your blogoversary is in October; I was just thinking yesterday that Octorber always sort of feels like the beginning of a new year to me. Maybe it’s because the semester starts in October, but probably it’s because the air is crisp and I feel more energized and like myself again after summer. #randommusingswithvlo

    Write more is basically my continual new year’s resolution/daily goal/any goal or resolution you can think of, and I’ve been constantly failing at it since I can remember. I love it, but I also find it draining. Plus, I have this constant expectation that it needs to be perfect instead of just doing it for fun, so I probably need to get rid of that. Sorry lots of self-involved tangents today, but basically it’s a GOOD goals and good luck with it, and I look forward to seeing you achieve it. I should probably also read one of the 10.000 books I bought that I haven’t read yet. Lead by example, so I can follow. 😀

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the incredibly cute birthday boy of course 🙂 And as well as that, I love this post about goals! I have been setting my own ones for 2016 as my challenges have been coming to an end for this year. I am hoping to read all of my physical TBR. I know it’s not going to happen because well, there are over 100 and I will still be reading review copies as well but it is the thought that counts! 😛 And hopefully it will encourage me to buy less…

  22. Shanna

    I barely did one of my goals so i feel jealous, but seriously ……. HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY ????????????? And a very happy birthday to that cute boy as well ?

  23. Goals? I really honestly think to just keep doing what I’m doing. I’ve been blogging for 6 years so I’ve gotten to a point that I do what I want 🙂 Although I should set a goal to accept less commitments! I feel like I always over-extend myself.

    Congrats on your two years!!! And you little one is adorable 🙂

  24. Your son is adorable, Shannon! I’m impressed with how many goals you were able to accomplish. As for your new ones, I think taking time as you need it is a great one. As a blog reader, I never feel disappointed when a blogger needs to take a break, and I don’t forget about the blog in the meantime. Your readers will be here when you get back. 🙂 I haven’t thought much about my goals for the next year, except that I really need to try to fixate less on reading a certain number of books. Sometimes I rush through books so fast just so I can start the next one, and as result I enjoy them less. It’s ridiculous, because I’m the only one who’s counting. Ooh, and I’m also trying to read in German again before I forget EVERYTHING.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Ugh goals. i think i would like to try to do more creative post ie. discussions and the like. I am just so bad about thinking about them…then when i do i always feel like they have been done so i quite before I start BUT NO MORE! I shall succeed!

  26. I’m hoping to learn not to take too much on. I also want to go to a bookish event as well as meet some authors! Last but certainly not least, I’d like to tell my parents about my blog… XD.

  27. So I too need to read more of the books I already OWN. I tend to just go from ARC to ARC to ARC and it’s kind of sad to neglect all my pretty finished copies. Not to mention that I spent money on those for whatever reason. Good luck on all your goals! I love looking back and seeing how I did on my own (even if sometimes my progress is embarrassing hah). Again, congrats on turning 2!!

  28. First of all, technical blogging stuff is hard! It took me hours just to figure out how to set up a button! Therefore I’ve decided that I will never be good at it. I love the goal of rereading Hunger Games and I need to do that too! It’s been way too long. I’ve been trying to be calm this year and to give myself breaks, I’ve been good with breaks, not being calm. I think my goal would be to be more organized. I am so unorganized in my blogging right now.

    ANYWAY. Happy blogoversary again!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway and your kid is adorable. =)

  29. Yay for two years!!! congrats, hun <33 YES come to Nori's event next year! I want to meet you!! I hope you go to BEA again, this time in the windy season 🙂 haha I need to read all the books I buy too… NO TIME.

    Accomplishments? I'd love to get into college!! Graduate high school with honors and stay top ten in my class 🙂 Read more books. Blog more. Plan some new events/features on my blog. Possibly start a free PR business. 😀

  30. Megan C.

    Congrats on your blogoversary! Also, thanks so much for the giveaway. Just seeing The Winner’s Kiss in the picture makes me squeal (Can. Not. Wait!). As for goals, I want to write my second manuscript and actually outline and plot it this time so it doesn’t fail. I’m also trying for a baby (your son is adorable!) and hoping my cats begin adjusting to having people around more often.

  31. Congrats again on two years and happy birthday to your little one! I would really like to get more ahead of scheduling posts too. I’m like you – I’ll never have a TON of posts scheduled ahead of time, but I need to try and do a bit better so I’m not so stressed out on keeping up with the blog. 🙂


  32. MJ

    I know it sounds crazy but I kind of want to read the equivalent of a book a day. Meaning reading 366 (Leap year) over 366 days, but not necessarily read one book every day!

  33. Isa

    Happy Blogoversary and congrats on your milestone! I definitely need to write more. Usually I can read 50 books a year but this year I’m not even halfway through and that makes me incredibly sad. I want to be able to read at least 100 books, lower my TBR pile and finish all those series I’ve been meaning to finish. I also want to update my blog more regularly and start back uploading videos on my book youtube account. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  34. Happy blogiversary!! You’ve accomplished so much in two years! Your question is honestly a really tough one for me. I’m going to keep my answer blog related a though. I’d like to accomplish posting regularly.

  35. Mithila

    Congrats on so so many goals and turning 2! I hope your little man had the most wonderful day! Hmm… I guess I’d like to finish off some series. I’ve started and gotten attached to so many, I just couldn’t pick up the final book and let the characters go!

  36. Awww, how cute is your son?!?! Happy Birthday to him!!!! And a happy two year blogoversary to you too!! 🙂

    Goals? I’d like to pretty much stay on the same path I’m on as far as blogging goes. Becca and I are having a blast, and I really wouldn’t change a single thing. <3

  37. Happy 2nd Blogoversary! Hope you have a great year ahead! My goal is pretty much same with you. I want to learn about blogging stuff and I want to be more active too. I want to attend bookish events too (though it’s so rare here). Anyway, hope we both could accomplish it 🙂

  38. Summer

    Congratulations on two years! My goal is to probably spend more time doing creative things, I just got into watercolors, so I want to experiment more with that.

  39. What a happy cutie! Did you know that C-section babies are supposedly happier because they don’t have the trauma of the birth canal. I like that your hospital didn’t have the standard blue and pink striped hat and blanket.

  40. Karen M

    Congrats!!! mmm… I want to be more outgoing next year. One of my goals for next year is being more friendly

  41. I like to read more books off my bookshelf. And Finish the Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Blogoversary.


    And YES TO ALL THE GOALS I AM SO PROUD. I also want to work on writing more, and also coming up with new stuff and features on the blog, but we’ll have to see time-wise.


  43. Great work on your goals! Your son is adorable. Good luck tackling more!

    I am terrible about meting my blog goals, unfortunately being an adult tends to get in the way.

  44. Ahhhh happy blogoversary! You have done so much in these two years and I am excited to see what else you bring in the future. These goals that you have set for yourself have definitely been accomplished and I congratulate you on that. One goal I have for my blog is also to come up with a new meme or idea. I wish you luck on this year’s goals!


  45. There are so many things I would like to accomplish in the next year. I won’t bore you with a mile long list, but I will say that one of my goals is to set up my own, independent blog. I love co-blogging, but I would love to have my own blog, that I have more creative control over. There are just soo many things that I want to talk about, but when you share a blog with several people you have to give them time too. I love it, but I am looking forward to talking about music and my dogs and tv shows…. So many things! First things first, I just have to figure out how to set a blog up, and get it going! Happy Bloggy Birthday! Thank you for the giveaway!

  46. Valentina B.

    Happy Blogoversary! There are so many things I would like to accomplish in the next year but the most important accomplishment would be to enter the university I like. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Zaira F

    HAPPY BLOGVERSARY!!! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! Here’s to more years of blogging! <3

    Hopefully by next year I would've known my grades for the first term in uni and that I'd be happy with what I got. That's my goal that I'm obv working on now 🙂 haha

  48. Alwssa

    Happy Blogoversary! I just love your blog! Whenever I find in my e-mail a newsletter from you I can’t stop to visit you, even though is just for a second.
    Next year I’d like to be pregnant so I can enjoy life as a mom. I hear is amazing!

  49. Stacy

    One of my goals is to post more in my own blog. I read but never take the time to write up reviews. Of course I need to read more, and read more diverse authors.

  50. It is really awesome that you were able to accomplish so many goals from last year. That is really inspiring. I love the pics of your baby. It is kinda cool that his birthday marks your blogging anniversary too!
    I am not sure when I would celebrate a blogoversary; when I started blogging originally in 2009, when I starting blogging on KBK in 2010, or when I started my book blog in 2014? Mind boggling, I might just do an I love blogging blogoawesome.

  51. Hannah

    My goal is to get back into blogging again and find the joy in reading once more. I burnt myself out, and now have been in the biggest reading slump. I’d like to be more proactive in visiting blogs as well.

  52. KateS

    Congratulations! Happy blogversary!!!
    My goal is to finally graduate university, I’ve been postponing it for a while now 🙁

  53. Nicole Anaya

    What I want to achieve for the next year is learn the advanced stuff of AutoCad and Civil 3D cause I need that for my career so badly! And a part time job would be cool too 😀 Thanks for the chance

  54. I really want to attend BEA (it’ll be my first one). Chicago is only about 1 1/2 hours away from me. Also, I want to get ahead of schedule & get a few months of posts ready to go, so that I can take a small break, except for reviews. I also want to go to some author signings (hopefully). I’ve never met any authors.

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