This Week At Midnight (80)

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It gives us a chance to share with readers what we bought, borrowed, swapped, won or got for review each week. I also decided that since I do a weekly recap, it really is just good sense to link up with The Sunday Post, hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewerbecause that is such a fun link up as well!

The Books 


From Penguin/Random House for review, with huge thanks:

The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen by Katherine Howe

A Song for Ella Grey by David Almond

The Distance From Me to You by Marina Gessner


Shallow Graves  from author Kali Wallace, thanks to author Marieke Nijkamp’s fabulous giveaway for donations to Patrick Ness’s fundraiser for Save the Children. Every one of the authors who donated and contributed and boosted the signal for this are freaking amazing in my book!

Via Edelweiss & Netgalley, with huge thanks to Harper Teen and St. Martin’s Press 

Thank you times a million, #OTSPSecretSister!!!


She really gets me. How amazing is this? 

Weekly Shenanigans

So I only read two books, but in my defense, Illuminae is super huge.


1st-placeIlluminaeBut probably any other week, it would have been A Madness So Discreet because it too was great!

I decided that I am not doing “On the Blog” anymore because you guys are smart and can look at the sidebar. 

But I did play The Oregon Trail. And made a quiz. Just saying. 


Blogosphere Bulletin:

Random Musings:

I finally organized my books this week! It was a huge, huge feat because I am basically a mess of hoarded nonsense. I tried my hand at a color-coordinated shelf (on my “read ASAP” TBR shelf). I think it was okay. Not great, but okay. You can decide:


The left one is the “must-read”, the right one is the “also should probably read”. A shelf is even cut off the bottom, because I have problems. Though, the top shelf of the right case are non-Hunger Games Favorites.

Speaking of Hunger Games…


So far. But like Ariel, “I want mooooore“. 

Things we need to talk about this week:

  • The Scorpio Races movie (!!!) has a director. I didn’t even know it was becoming a movie, so now I must read the book ASAP. Obviously, I own it.
  • My parents have decided they are going to Greece the week of BEA. Aside from raging jealousy, this leaves me with a child care conundrum. What do my fellow blogger mamas do for such things?

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  1. I’m absolutely TERRIFIED at The Scoprio Races becoming a movie. D: I love that book way too much…it was like what got me obsessed on all the Stiefvater movies. SO YEAH I’M SO SUPER SCARED. *flails and trembles* But your shelves, omg, Shannon they are beautiful. also that Hunger Games collection is AMAZING. The white ones are a fantastic addition. 😉 Is it just me though or is it super hard to even touch them an risk bending the spines?!?!? Like I wanted them specifically for a reread BUT I CAN’T BEAR TO DO IT IN CASE I LEAVE A MARK ON THEIR GORGEOUSNESS. OMG HALP.

    • I know you love her so much. It is SCARY. But, think about The Hunger Games movies- they did the books justice! It could happen. Plus, I don’t see Maggie taking shit from anyone 😉

      YES it is very hard to touch them. Sad story time? On their boat ride over from Australia (I assume they traveled by boat, not plane), a corner of the white case got smushed. Which led to some of the corners getting a little bent. SO MUCH HORROR. I can’t read them either. OR the foil editions. It is too scary. I’ll use my old books for a reread. Which, incidentally, I NEED to do soon. I miss my Hunger Games.

  2. Nice haul! Nothing I ordered this week has arrived yet and I’m super bummed. I’ll be ok, I guess. I have plenty to read. I can’t wait to read This Is Where the World Ends, Illuminae and A Madness So Discreet. I have to get back to my normal reading speed, there are too many books I want to fit in by the end of the year. Your shelves look lovely, I desperately need to organize mine. I look like I belong on the show Hoarders right now.

    I wanted to say thank you for your concern about what’s been going on with me lately. I’ve been going through a very difficult time and it’s been really hard. I haven’t spoken about exactly what’s going on, but I will. I’m hoping that things will eventually start to get easier.


    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    • Aww that stinks! No new books is so, so sad. I know, it is hard because you want to read ALL the books but then… time :/ I absolutely was sure Hoarders was calling- it took me WEEKS to get them looking presentable 😉

      And absolutely! I didn’t want to pry, but I did want you to know that someone was there if you wanted to talk- and it still stands. I am so, so sorry that you’re having such an awful time. And know I am sending tons of good thoughts your way <3

  3. Your #OTPSecretSister looks like a fabulous person — the sheer amount of Oreos prove that much, ahaha. I’ve heard a great deal about both Illuminae and A Madness So Discreet — the latter is on my gorgeous-cover and TBR Goodreads shelves. The color-coding is quite nice, although the HG shelf is clearly more impressive. And eek, thanks for the shout out! The post is my most popular so far, judging by the comments.

    • She is SO SWEET. The cookies, the letters, the books… she is just the best, I am lucky to have her! Both Illuminae and A Madness So Discreet were good- but Illuminae is freaking GENIUS.

      And you are quite welcome, I laughed HARD at that post! 😀

  4. Sam

    Your shelves look beautiful. I love when people group by cover color. Very jelly of your book haul this week!! Quite a few I want to read up there. I hope you work out your childcare issues (I already booked my room for BEA!!!) My daughter always attends BEA, and I go to BookCon with her, but since it’s in Chicago this year (not local for us – sad face), she is taking me as part of her blog. I am pretty excited.

    • Aw thank you so much! This was my like, billionth attempt at color coordinating, and I don’t hate it so… progress 😉

      And thanks- I hope so too! My daughter is 4, and my son almost 2, so they definitely couldn’t come, but I WILL figure something out- I adore Chicago and do not want to miss it. Like you, Chicago is much further for me- New York was a short bus ride from PA- but I can’t wait. That is SO nice of your daughter, I really hope you guys have an amazing time, and hopefully I’ll see you there 😀

  5. Ah so many good books this week!! The Distance From Me to You is one I really am interested in so can’t wait to see what you think. Holy amazing secret sister package!!! All that stuff looks awesome. Your bookshelves are so pretty. Good job getting them all organized. My stuff is all thrown in there – Maybe one day I will get it together!! Have a great week!

  6. Ooh now those are some lovely gifts from a secret gifter program thinger 🙂 Also, yay for organizing your bookshelves. They look lovely!
    Thanks for the plug 🙂

  7. Shallow Graves sounds so good! And I’m SUPER excited for Firsts!! Can’t wait to read that one myself. Woah, what a THG collection you’ve got there! GORG!!! I really enjoyed A Madness So Discreet last week, so I’m even more interested in Illuminae now since you liked it more! Enjoy your new awesomeness!! 🙂

    • RIGHT? Nervy is for sure! My in-laws are generally useless, but I’m going to ask. My brother works long hours and um, I don’t think he has ever been around children except mine and is awkward as hell 😉 My husband may have to end up taking a few days off, but he works per diem, so if he doesn’t work, we don’t get paid. The options stink, in general 😉 BUT I am desperate, so something HAS to work.

  8. What an awesome secret sister! I haven’t heard of the books she sent you, I’ll have to check them out.

    I’m about to sort/organise my book shelves today. FInally! hehe. I’m splitting them for TBR and read, but I’m not sure about colour coordinated or alphabetized yet. Your colour coordinated organisation looks good 🙂

    Also, Oregon Trail! 😀

  9. I hope you love all your new books. It looks like you got some interesting books. I would talk to my siblings and see if they can take care of your kid. I am always cleaning out my bookshelves. I see that you got the Katherine Howe book, be careful…
    Have a lovely weekend.


  10. Your Hunger Games collection is literally goals. I still need to get me copies of those, THIS IS SACRILEGE. Also, I really really reallyyyy want to read Illuminae and A Madness So Discreet – they look so good and they’re SO PRETTY. ENJOYYYYY!

  11. Oh you got some nice goodies and books this week! maybe in a few years I’ll try and sign-up for that secret sister project, it sure sounds like a lot of fun! You got a nice package, all those books! And those oreo’s look yummy! I like oreo’s, although we only have the standard flavours here. I saw Firsts on netgalley, but couldn’t decide if I wanted it, so I am looking forward to your review of that one. Thanks for linking to my post! Your bookshelves look pretty! And how fun you tried your hand at colour coding, I always like how it looks, but I would go crazy being unable to find any of my books if I did that. Have a rgeat week!

    • Thanks so much! The Secret Sister thing IS super fun, and it’s a great way to meet people too. You should do it, if and when you can! I may have to take next time off, you know, money, but it is definitely amazing!

      I wasn’t going to request Firsts either, but then a friend convinced me I had to, so.. peer pressure 😉 OH and the color coding thing? Yeah, NO IDEA where any of books reside anymore. The struggle is real. AND when you read a book, it throws the whole shelf off!

  12. Awesome haul! I hope you enjoy them all. Especially those Oreos! 😉 I can’t wait to read Illuminae and A Madness So Discreet – they both sound fantastic! Your shelves look amazing, nice work. 😀 And big YAY to Hunger Games Pop!s…I’m obsessed with Pop!s, so can’t wait to add these to my collection!

    My StS!

    • Aww thank you!! Both books were fabulous, but Illuminae is really just mind blowing, both in the story AND in its uniqueness! I hope you love them! And I am SO excited for the Hunger Games Pop!s, I really hope we both can get them ASAP! 😀

  13. I see that you and I share an obsession with the candles from Bath & Body Works! I seriously have about 100 of them in my house right now. It’s so bad that I’ve had to start gifting them.

    Let me know how The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen is. I kind of want to read it, but I’m also kind of unsure.

    • Oh I am absolutely obsessed! They smell SO good, and they last for a long time, and I just love them! If my secret sister reads this, she’ll know who I am, I fear, since I bought some in her favorite scents 😉 And I am the same with Annie! It wasn’t really on my radar, but then I HAVE heard good things so… who knows. I probably won’t get to it right away, but I do want to give it a go at some point!

  14. I’m so intrigued by Firsts and will definitely be checking that one out. I’m hopeful but wary of how it will be handled. Totally in awe of your Hunger Games shrine! 🙂 And your OTSP sister… awesome! I was so bummed that I missed out on this round (by a matter of days). Hopefully I’ll catch it next time. Oh, and I think you need a few more candles. 😉

    • I was SO wary- I hadn’t even added it to my TBR until friends started gushing! I asked a friend privately how it was handled, and she said she loved it (and I trust her thoughts with this) so fingers crossed!

      My secret sister is FABULOUS, as was my last round sister. Seriously, I hope you get to do it next round, because you meet the nicest people!

      BWHAHA, that is just the tip of the candle iceberg, my friend 😀

  15. vvb

    Fun secret sister box of goodies! I don’t do it often, but when I organize my bookshelves I love reconnecting with what is on them. Thanks for sharing the blog links. I found a couple awesome posts.

  16. I really enjoyed The Appearance Of Annie Van Sinderen! I thought the concept was really neat, and I love how Katherine meshed together the past and present. It’s definitely a book you have to be in the mood for though! Wasn’t Illuminae just amazing?!! I have no clue how I’m going to review it, but if all my ideas fail, I just type ” READ THIS FUCKING BOOK! ” and you know, call it a day or whatever lol. I’m so excited to read A Madness So Discreet. I’ve been hearing reallyyy good things, so I can’t wait to pick it up. Oh and send me some Oreos girl, your OTP sister hooked you up! lol.

    • I have to say, if it wasn’t for your review of Annie, I would have been like “what even IS this?” when it showed up, but since you liked it, it gets a chance 😉 And YESSSS Illuminae is freaking AMAZING. I can’t review such a beast! It is just glorious, and SO unique and like, these authors must have wholly abandoned their lives for like a decade, because it is THAT well done and complex and just… WOW.

      And yes, my secret sister definitely knows the way to my heart 😉

    • I actually don’t have that one, but I do remember you posting about it (quite awhile ago, if memory serves me, which is unlikely 😉 ) I definitely need to get it- I *might* have gotten it for my Kindle after you suggested it. I know I meant to… This will be another push for me to get it, thanks!!

  17. Nick sent me here 🙂
    I got The Distance From Me To You too and it looks really good! That hand looks really creepy, like it’s popping out.
    Love the recaps of other blogs, I used to to that but stopped for some reason. I love the blog love sharing.
    Have a great week!

    • AWW that was nice of Nick!! 😀 Glad you’re here! I’m almost done with The Distance From Me to You and so far, I like it! (And yeah, that hand DOES look creepy!)

      I started doing it randomly, just because there were a few posts I wanted to share and then… I couldn’t stop 😉 It IS time consuming though, so I can see how it fell by the wayside for you! Hope you are having a fabulous week, thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  18. A Madness so Discreet is one I really want to read soon.

    Great blogisphere posts for this week. Many of them made me smile and fun to discuss. Although it nearly distracted me from commenting here 🙂 And the Oregon Trail- I haven’t played that in a long time but I loved that game as a kid. Organizing books is always a feat once you get to the bookcase+ point.

    • Aww thank you!! Hahha I think it is funny that I really AM taking attention elsewhere, but, meh, those people had good stuff to say 😉 Thanks for coming back 😀 I loved the Oregon Trail- still do, clearly! You should play again as an adult, it’s almost MORE fun when you understand it more. But also, addicting 😉

  19. I didn’t know The Scorpio Races was becoming a film either. My sister has the book, so I need to read that. It sounds great! Sorry about your BEA conundrum- I hope something works out. I’m so jealous your parents are going to Greece though. So cool!! YAY for your book organization; it looks great. I really like your Hunger Games section too. How cute.

    • I need to read it too, for sure! I’ve heard SUCH good things! I am jealous of my parents too, really 😉 And thank you SO much!!

      To answer the second part, the current round is underway already, BUT you can join in the next round. Basically, you go to the hashtag (#otspsecretsister) on Twitter, and just start chatting! The only “rule” is that the ladies in charge be familiar with you by the time the round starts- just because they’ve had some trouble with people they didn’t know and such not sending packages! The next round will start in February, so you have lots of time!!

  20. Okay, those Oreos are making me hungry. I haven’t had Oreos in forever, but those look good. I also have the ARC of Firsts and I am still unsure about it. I hope it is good. But why, oh why, do I request ARCs of books that I am not super excited about??? It’s a compulsion, I swear!

    • They are SO. GOOD. I need to stop myself from eating them ALL 😉 I was unsure about Firsts too, but people have ASSURED me that it is awesome. So… fingers crossed? For both of us? Good news is, if one of us likes it, I bet the other will too 😀

  21. I am so excited for Illuminae arriving, it looks amazing.

    With regards to childcare it is so difficult, I am lucky that my parents (who are retired) and my in-laws are all close by and help me with childcare throughout the week but if they can’t manage unfortunately I usually have to use my holidays though I do have the option to work from home too.

    Hope you get them sorted out!

    • Illuminae is SO good, I hope you get to read it soon and love it!

      And thanks so much! My parents are retired also, and are literally THE only people I have to help me at all. Actually, strike that, my dad won’t watch them alone, so my MOM is the only one. So… it’s not the best 😉 But hopefully I will figure something out!!

  22. Yay at shelf organization! I have reorganized mine this week as well. Not in colors, but my old organization was 1. size 2. Author, but I switched it to just 1. Author so I can find all the authors easier and quicker. Plus, next year I want to do an A to Z Author challenge and this just makes things quicker, am I right? 😀

    • Aw thanks! And I have ALWAYS done mine by author (my other two shelves are done by author!) but this time I just had to mix it up! But, to be honest, as I read books the color thing is getting thrown off anyway, so I assume by next month I’ll be back to author too 😀

  23. SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS YOU HAVE THERE, SHANNON. But really, Illuminae is seriously amazing. I love it so, so, so, s much. One of those books that seriously blew my mind away. That ending, the artifical intelligence sentient being, the characters, the way it was told… everything was just executed so perfectly. I have A MADNESS SO DISCREET so I’ll be getting to that soon!

  24. Jealous of your ARC of Shallow Graves! But I think I have an egalley of it, so I’ll be okay. 🙂 I could never do the color arranging of my books, the librarian in me needs them alphabetized by author! Great haul! Hope you have a great week!

  25. You definitely do love your Hunger Games! So many editions of the books DD: But if you love it, you love it <3 I am someone who also has their books organised by colour! It's a funny story actually. I woke up at 3am, couldn't sleep and watched a booktube video. I had the sudden urge to get out of bed and colour organise all my books THEN AND THERE, and also my TBR pile by the books that I want to read the most first. I was a zombie for basically the whole next day but I got it done for some reason xD But yours look beautiful!

    Also, fabulous haul! I love the looks of Shallow Graves and A Song for Ella Grey from what I have heard about them, so I hope you enjoy it. And I already know your thoughts for A Madness So Discreet and it seems we agree on a lot of points! 😀

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