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Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

I assume this implies that others did click with said character, otherwise it would be “Top Hated Characters” or something. So these aren’t going to be the villains or anything, that’d be too easy, right? Right. Basically, these people just rubbed me the wrong way. Fictionally speaking.

Pictures = Goodreads


Ah, good ol’ Penny. When she wasn’t moping and falling in insta-love multiple times, she was making the crappiest decisions known to man


Cia was perfect, guys. Her flawless picture sits right under the entry for “Mary Sue” in the Dictionary of Annoying as Hell Tropes. Not only were we supposed to believe that Cia was the second coming, but everyone else thought so too. Obviously. 


I didn’t love Annalise in Half Bad. But I hated her in Half Wild. I spent half the book hoping Nathan would drop her like a bad habit, and the other half hoping she’d meet her demise in a particularly inventive way. I don’t care, as long as she gets out of my life. 


The good news? Azra got better as the story went on. The bad news? The bar was insanely low for this piece of work. She spends a large part of the book bitching about being a Jinn (and being miserable and whiny in general) and the other parts engaging in some really useless insta-love with a character akin to drywall. 


Remember that time I hated Magonia because of the bird people? It still applies, and I still don’t understand. I waffled between caring 1% and caring 0%. 


I think I was supposed to care about Liz and what happened to her, but I spent most of the book wanting to punch her in the face. Oopsie?


I loved Paper Towns. I did not love Margo. Q and I apparently don’t have the same taste in over-dramatic, self centered, popular-for-no-reason mean girls. Huh, strange. Seriously, I get that his hormones were likely in overdrive, but I’d bet there were a few decent human girls at his big old school. Just saying. 


Dear Laurel, 

I still don’t understand why you wrote letters to random dead people. Especially when they had nothing to do with the content of said letters. Also, you need to get your act together. Sorry about your sister, but we still aren’t friends




I feel like this should probably speak for itself, but man these characters summed up just about everything I hate about society. I basically hated this series with every fiber of my being, and most of the time I couldn’t decide who I hated the most, so they all win for biggest asshat characters known to man. Rage, guys. So much rage. 


I know a lot of people liked Alex and Lena. I just don’t happen to be one of them. There are three main reasons:

1 – I like Julian a lot better.

2- I found Alex a bit dull and then a bit infuriating.

3- The kiss of death was when Daren Kagasoff played him in the TV pilot and got me even ragier.  

So, there it is, the characters that not everyone hates, but I damn sure do. Who do you dislike that didn’t make my list? Or do you agree with some of these?

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  1. I love how you made this post! I wish I was as creative as you. I actually liked Margo but in the movie (Paper Towns). For FSoG, I know there was one character I kind of liked but can’t even remember the name. The rest, I haven’t read. I don’t even plan on reading Delirium since I got spoiled on the ending and yeah, I don’t want to go through that.
    My Top Ten

    • Awww you are too sweet! I am woefully non-creative most of the time, so this is a HUGE compliment 🙂 UGHH the ending of Delirium. Or the non-ending, I guess is a better word. Maybe someday, she’ll cave and give us an epilogue or something? If I beg enough? 😉

  2. I came close to listing Fifty Shades. Oh so close. I am with you 100% on that one. Other than that one, I haven’t read any of the books on your list. I do want to read Paper Towns at some point and I’m curious about Magonia.

  3. This list was hard and I had to really search around for characters it seemed, because I overlook faulty characters quickly in favor of ones that I really like anyway. My TTT is a mishmash for sure.

    Ahhh… yes! Annalise in the Half Bad series. I truly think she’s evil because she thinks she’s so righteous and understanding and really all she is looking for is an out and she uses people for her own purposes not out of love or respect for them.

  4. I’ve got Fifty Shades on my list too. Those characters… they haven’t got a single redeeming aspect about them. I’ve only ever read An Abundance of Katherines and TFIOS by John Green but to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be reading Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska. I think I would severely dislike Margo Roth Spiegelman too.

    Great list!

    • Right!? They are awful, every single one of them. I mean, it’s bad when you hope that the conclusion of the book is that they all die horrible deaths, yes?

      As for John Green, I loved the book, hated Margo. I heard that The Abundance of Katherines wasn’t the best.

  5. Oh, I loved Falling Into Place! But…yeah I did want to punch Liz. The writing was the star of that book. I didn’t get Margo either. Not at all. Aw, I like Alex & Lena. I haven’t read the other books on your list, but I want to! I know a few on mine you won’t agree with 😉

    Michelle @ Michelle’s Minions

  6. Those graphics are on point. Totally agree with Margo. While I liked Julian better I had no beef with Alex. And I liked Laurel. Bird people. LOL. Totally never reading that book – the whole idea of bird people makes me not care . Awesome list!!

  7. Great list, Shannon! I love how you set your list out this week. 🙂 Haha, I have no intention of ever going near Fifty Shades of Grey. I have no problem with erotica, but E.L. James has made thousands romanticising physical, mental and emotional abuse. >:( Dislike.

    • Aw thanks! That’s exactly it! I don’t care how much sex you want to write about, have at it! It’s the abuse that is out of hand (and I don’t even mean the bondage stuff) and just the overall horrible messages it sends to young women AND men. AWFUL.

  8. I really like your idea of using name tags! That really set you apart and I agree with you on Margo. She’s on my list too. The guy goes through all these detective work to find her (and the entire time I wasn’t agreeing with his decisions either) and in the end she’s like NO. MY GIFT IS THIS ROOM. *smacks forehead* She’s on my list as well.
    I love your sarcasm on Fifty Shades of Grey. Cracked me up XD

    • Aww thank you!! And YES- he made such dumb decisions, but that at least made some sense- teenaged boy in love, yada yada. But HER!? She is the WORST. Knowing that he was so enamored by her, and then sending him all over the eastern seaboard? Yeah, no. And GRR to Fifty Shades. So much rage.

  9. awk. ARE WE TWINS SHANNON!??! THIS LIST SPEAKS TO ME ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL. Although, granted most of these aren’t on my list…but 10 wasn’t enough for me this week. 😉 I could’ve gone onnnnn and onnnn (I’m such a disagreeable lemon apparently!) I just finished Magonia and it’s a big fat NO from me. I didn’t get that book. I spent my entire review going “but what” because THAT’S MY ENTIRE UNDERSTANDING OF THE BOOK.
    And Laurel? Yes. Don’t get me started on Laurel. Okay, fine she’s writing to dead people, but they’re not LOVE letters!! The title is so wrong!!
    And yeah…Liz Emerson. I pretty much didn’t care what her ending was going to be. I AM SORRY. MY BAD. I wish the narrator had had more actionness or something (although I guess it would’ve been paranormal then?)
    ANYWAY. Excellent list. 😀

    • Of course we are twins! I agree, I could have probably done more. Many, many more. Is it bad that I am super excited that you hated Magonia? Like, I feel validated? Because people are like “oh Magonia is amazing” and I am over here saying “sure, amazingly dumb!”.

      LAUREL, no they are NOT love letters. And WHY those dead people?! WHY!? And SAME with Liz. Screw you, Liz Emerson. BAH.

      We should be able to whine about crappy characters more often!

  10. I just read Hold me like a breath so I totally agree about Penny! I also agree with Alex from the Delirium series. I really like Lauren Oliver’s stand alones, but this series just didn’t stick with me so I think I didn’t like anyone.

  11. Nathan from Half Bad made my list. I was going to put Annalise on their but I felt like we were supposed to really not like her, specially in the second book. I chose to only put characters I thought we were supposed to like. Great list 🙂

    • See, I can’t tell with Annalise. I mean, in the first book we are certainly meant to like her. But I really couldn’t tell in the second book. I mean, I think we will end up ALL not liking her, but I knew people who did like her in the second book too. So who knows. I hated her enough that she made the cut regardless 😉

  12. Love the graphics! I liked Lena, but Alex annoyed me in the third book, which I still need to finish. I have yet to read the other books, so I’ll see what I think of them!

  13. I love how you structured this post. The characters from 50 Shades made my list, too. I just don’t understand those books. I also wasn’t a fan of any of the characters from Magonia or Margo from Paper Towns (though, I still loved Paper Towns).

  14. Oh yes, both Cia and the characters from 50 shades made my list. Man, Cia was a know it all. And with Ana, I just wanted to tell her: grow a backbone already!! I had forgotten about Penny from Hold My Breath. Yeah, I just spent most of the book being annoyed by her.

  15. Oooooh, Cia from The Testing is a good one! I haven’t read any further in the series but she sure was annoyingly Mary Sue-ish in book one. Plus I really disliked the romance in that book too – I felt like Tomas was just charming Cia to make life easier for himself.

    Also, yes to Alex from Delirium. I thought he was just too ‘textbook YA boyfriend’, blandly so. I never read past that first book so I didn’t get to form an opinion about Julian, but I heard that the final book in the trilogy was quite disappointing so I’m pretty sure I’m never going to finish it, lol.

    • Good, be glad. The books got WORSE as each one went on, and she got even MORE Mary Sue-ish- which, how is that even possible?! The romance was DUMB. The whole series was dumb, looking back 😉

      Totally agree about Alex being a “textbook YA boyfriend”- that is the perfect way to put it! The ending (or rather, lack thereof) was so sad. I am still bummed about it!

  16. I completely agree Shannon! xD I wasn’t able to connect to any of these characters at all. Cia felt like a weaker version of Katniss to me, and I found it hard to enjoy her because of that. And I really didn’t like Margo either – she seemed a bit selfish and self-centered to me, and I didn’t understand why Q was so obsessed with her. *shrugs* And same with Liz Emerson – she kept saying she was sorry for what she did, but none of her actions really told or showed us that. Thanks for sharing though and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

  17. Out of your list, I’ve only read Delirium. And I only liked the first book. For me the series went down hill from there. I hated the second book with all it’s time jumping, I only read the first 5 and the last 5 chapters and didn’t feel like I missed anything. And the last book was only slightly better than the first book. The biggest problem I had with the series was that the last page was them FINALLY over throwing the government. It felt unfinished and that most of the second book was completely unneeded.

  18. I so agree with Margo, I just couldn’t stand her & am so happy to see someone else who hates her just as much. I just didn’t care for Paper Towns very much, though the movie was a lot better.

    I have yet to read any more of the Delirium, only the first book…but I do plan to finish even though I have heard how awful the ending was. The first book I really enjoyed and don’t wanna just end it there…nervous though :/

    • I did like the book a lot, but MAN she pissed me off! And the ending of Requiem… ugh. It still haunts me, because I NEED to finish things. I don’t want to make up my own damn endings! I hold out hope that one day, Lauren Oliver will tell me what happened. I have a petition 😉

  19. For something like this, I don’t think i could keep my list to just 10.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Margo. She was pretty useless. like in Q’s eyes, she was this perfect thing [manicpixiedreamgirl] but really, she seemed very attentionseeking to me. i still loved paper towns but margo at the end made no sense whatsoever.

    i personally hate twylla from the sin eater’s daughter. she’s a bella swan replica who doesn’t do anything. oh! also, clary fray in city of bones. i think she matures by the last book but the entire first book was awful. clary was just so judgmental the entire time and i was like, “please stop.”

    • Hahah it was HARD. I probably just should have cheated 😉 I also loved Paper Towns, and maybe the way Margo was made the end work better? I don’t know, but I didn’t lke her, I didn’t understand Q’s obsession with her, and yet I still loved the book so… who knows?

      Ah, Twylla made a few people’s lists this week. I um.. I loved her. But I know I am in the minority. I totally agree with Clary though! Even though she DID grow, I still found her horribly annoying throughout the whole series.

  20. LOLOLOLOL FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY. And hahahhaha ALL THE BIRD PEOPLE. Man your life escalated quickly as well ahahha. AND HAHHA PENNY. I didn’t even PUT her on my list because I have forgotten all about her thank god (Sorry author).

    • RIGHT? Because everyone sucks! Penny, god she was awful. I think a lot of people have blocked her out. I do feel bad, because the author is so damn NICE. But I mean, that’s ookay. Maybe I will get along with her next book. As long as it is nothing like this book.

  21. Fifty shades of gray characters take the cake, I guess!:) They were all a piece of work! I still don’t know whether I hate Christian for being Christian or Ana for being stupid.
    I didn’t like Marge either. In fact, I didn’t like Paper Towns at all, but still Marge and I didn’t click. At all. I even hesitated to see the movie because I love Cara and didn’t want to see her play a character I didn’t like.

    • Ohhh they sure do! The worst characters and book I have ever read. EVER. ANd I think I can say with a fair amount of certainty, WILL ever read. I couldn’t decide which of them I hated worse either! And I did like Paper Towns just… no Margo. And I don’t really love Cara so… I knew I wouldn’t like Margo. Though I did think Cara did a decent job as her.

  22. I love how creative your post is, these little name tags are so cool! I haven’t read any of Fifty Shades and never plan on doing so but I guess that if I did I was also have problems clicking with every character too. I was forced to watch the film and hated them all! I have seen Margo on a lot of lists this week. I will admit I haven’t read the book, but from reading the description abut the story of the book I already thought she was a little odd. I’ll probably get round to reading it at some point but I doubt that we are going to click from what I have heard about her!

    • Aw thanks! Yeah, do yourself a favor, and skip them. I read them because basically I hated the concept but people kept saying “you can’t say that, you haven’t read them”. So I did. And it provided me with endless fodder to criticize 😉 UGH the film must hve been AWFUL. I cannot STAND Dakota Johnson and combine her with Ana and NO, please no!

      I liked Paper Towns a lot. I feel like it’s very possible to hate Margo and love the book, so I hope you do 😉

  23. Well, I haven’t read any of these books lol. I guess that’s a good thing? Tho I did watch 50 Shades the movie and yeah, those characters are awful. (I still can’t get over the fact that HE SOLD HER CAR.) Also, Annalise, Penelope and Liz sound like characters I would definitely not connect with.

  24. OMFGGGG. Do not, and I mean, DO NOT REMIND ME OF PENNY LANDLOW. That girl really drove me N.U.T.S. I think my review for that book was one of my most rantiest, EVER. The anger I felt for that book was so explosive my mom was worried about my constant pacing around the room (which I did to cool down my boiling anger HAHAHAHA). She is definitely someone I never ever and will never ever click with. EVER.

  25. I agree about Margo. I felt I have the same problem with her as with Alaska from Looking for Alaska. Same type of girl and I hate girls like that! I only read the first book in Delirium and a really long time ago, so I don’t remember who I love of the boys. I read Fifty shades of grey a while back. I didn’t hate the characters, but felt the story and the people in it was okay. Noting special, just okay. Love your list 🙂

  26. Fun post! I like seeing who people don’t like in books, because it often changes between blogger to blogger. I don’t think Margo is really SUPPOSED to be likeable. I feel like Q loved her so much for all the wrong reasons and that’s what he realized in the end. I don’t know…but I didn’t like Margo either. hah

  27. I completely agree with the Magonia cast – I just did NOT like that book at all – and Lauren from Love Letters to the Dead. Both of those books were so random and pointless and tried way too hard to be emotional and deep or whatever. Falling Into Place is one of my fave books of the years so I don’t agree with that so much, but I agree that Liz wasn’t particularly easy to like… but I don’t she was meant to be at the same time… which is kind of why I liked her so much, if that makes sense.

    • Oh, I loathed Magonia. What even WAS that!? So many people love it and I am just over here shrugging my shoulders in confusion. I really hated Love Letters to the Dead too. They weren’t actually love letters. Just like, someone’s “Dear Diary” addressed to Kurt Cobain? Pass.

      No, I don’t think Liz was meant to be either. But I think we were supposed to at least feel…. something for her? Which I did not. BUT the writing was incredible!

      • Oh, snap! I’m so, so glad that someone else felt that same way about that book. It was SO hyped and I was just staring at the book in my hands think what the hell is this meant to be? Yes! Love Letters to the Dead was just so random and the letters – like you said – 100 % pointless.

        The writing was beautiful beyond belief IMO and I am so EXCITED about the author’s new book. It just needs to hurry up and release already…

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