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A long time ago (fine, not that long, maybe a couple months ago), Holly, Val, Amber, and I were discussing our first impressions of each other. And someone had the fabulous idea to do a whole post about it! And then someone (maybe that same person, who even knows?) said it would make a good tag, and we all agreed. And then we got lazy and didn’t do anything about it.

But then we did! I think we can thank Val for the motivation, and we can also thank her for making the graphic, which I like a lot. Val also made a list of rules, but she didn’t show me them in text form, so lucky you, these will be in my own words 😉

The Rules:

1. Find some bloggers that you remember your first impressions of. Write about it. But maybe try to keep it funny and nice? I mean, “wow, I hated Bertha for years“, isn’t what we’re going for.

2. Tell us about how things have changed since then! Did someone you didn’t think you had anything in common with turn out to be your blogging bestie? Did someone you thought was super shy turn out to be a huge extrovert? Were you kind of intimated by someone at first, only to find out how freaking lovely they are? Share away!

2. Tag some people! It doesn’t even have to be the people you write about, because maybe they’ve already been tagged, or whatever. Just find some randos, is what I am saying.

The Tag

Blogger #1: Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway


Then: When I first “met” Holly, I remember she’d been debating a theme change. She’d commented on one of my posts so I went to comment on hers, and basically left her a novel. The thing is, I also did the exact same thing with another blogger, whose name I have long since forgotten, and I knew that one of them had thanked me and we’d ended up having a conversation about it, but I could not remember who was who! So when I would visit blogs, I could never remember which one was the one I’d been talking to, and which was the one I hadn’t. For a good four-six weeks, I had no idea if Holly was Holly, or someone else.

Now: Obviously, I know who Holly is. I mean, we shared a room for four days in New York, I think if I didn’t know who she was by now, I’d have some serious problems. Although technically, we never really introduced ourselves so…. But in seriousness, I’d have had a meltdown long ago if not for Holly. Sure, I may have left her the initial novella of advice, but she is kind of my go-to guru now.leslie-knope-textme

Blogger #2: Shay @ The Story Goes

comic nuts assemble_zps430phlj0

Then: She was called “Nobody”. I refered to her in my head as Nobody, even after I knew her name from emails and such. I’d think to myself “OH I want to remember to visit Nobody’s blog later!”.  I was also so impressed with how goal oriented she was as a writer at such a young age!!

Now: She has a name (well fine, she always had one) but I still call her “Nobody” in my head a lot.  Still impressed, by the way.saymyname

Blogger #3: Amber @ YA Indulgences


Then: I had no idea who she was, only that Holly was friends with her, and damn it, I should be too. Also, I was pretty sure she was the cover model for Free to Fall by Lauren Miller.

Now: I know her quite well! I was right, being friends was a good call. I also still think she may be the cover model for Free to Fall, but now I just call her “Romber” which is a combination of her supposed name of Amber, and then main character Rory in that book. She could totally fix this situation with a picture so I don’t have to call Nev and Max for a Catfish investigation.ezgif-1643235652

Blogger #4: Cait @ Paper Fury


Then: Mime was there too, and they were “Notebook Sisters”. But was Mime really there? Only sporadically. BUT even so,  I envied their sisterly bond so much. SO MUCH. I thought they were kind of the coolest sisters ever, and I wanted to ask them to adopt me, even though I don’t think it works that way. I also knew from the first time I’d visited Notebook Sisters that it was something special.

Now: Mime is off doing her own amazingness, and Cait has morphed into Paper Fury. She turned out to be even more awesome than I’d expected, but I think that probably has to do with all her clones. I am also excited for Cait’s amazing writing to get published so I can go throw all my money at her books.tumblr_inline_ns37g65Ynk1qgthcq_500

Blogger(s) # 5: Faye, Rashika, & Aimee @ The Social Potato


Then: I had heard a lot of people talking about these lovely ladies and their blog. Only… I didn’t know it was a blog, okay? I had visited, once, and their most recent post was a podcast, and I (completely erroneously!) assumed that the whole site was a podcast. And I usually am unable to concentrate long enough to listen to those so… I didn’t.  I guess I could have looked? Nay, I should have looked. Do you understand how much awesome I missed out on? DO YOU?ive-made-a-huge-tiny-mistake-gob-bluth-gif

Now: After realizing we shared similar blogger friends in common, I went back to visit, of course. And found one of my favorite blogs. Oops? This is a big oops. Because I love their blog and I totally would have been following for ages longer than I did! I didn’t even know that Faye had done The 100 recaps! Do you want to know the post in which I knew these lovelies were “my people”? Faye did the most hilarious reading of 50 Shades, and she basically nailed every emotion I had while reading it- mostly eye rolling and disgust- and I was hooked!

I Tag…

Anyone listed above who hasn’t done this and wants to!

Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

Kirsty-Marie @ Studio Reads

Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Tika @ Fangirl Confessions

Let’s talk! Have you had any first opinions of a blog that just turned out to be totally false? OR, have you known some blogs/bloggers that you knew you’d connect with immediately? 

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32 responses to “Initial Impressions Tag

  1. HAHAHAHA! Those podcasts! I have another one that is in need of editing right now, which is the one where I, Rashika and Jeann talked about book boyfriends. I really need to get that one going already! But wow, I’m so honored to know that you love our blog! I love yours just as much, Shannon – you have one of the most amazing voices out there, and it is always a pleasure to read your posts (I never skip a word, just so you know).

    • Now that I know you guys, I would absolutely listen to a podcast! I mean, I never watched videos before yours either! I want to hear you guys talk about book boyfriends, I bet it is hilarious!

      And seriously, you made my day Faye! I am tearing up over here- I have doubts, as we all do, and you saying such nice things, well it means so, so much to me <3 Thank you!!

  2. It appears you have quite the crisis with recognising other people XD I love the anecdote about leaving Holly and other stranger novels and not quite figuring it out, and calling Shay Nobody even after you remembered her name XD And ooh! I do enjoy the Social Potato’s occasional post, so I shall go check out the Fifty Shades reading now 😀 😀

  3. I’m dying. Your post is killing me. I’m sorry I confused you so much, but I’m glad that didn’t last. I’m not even sure where I’d be with the blog right now if it weren’t for your friendship, honestly. I LOVE YOU. AND OUR TALKS. AND I’M ALWAYS HERE TO KEEP YOU FROM A MELTDOWN.

    Amber’s section = SO HILARIOUS I’M LAUGHING SO HARD.

    Also. Cait is SO awesome. And so is Faye! I wish I’d been following their blogs longer than I have been, but I realized my mistake and figured out why they were so awesome, so that’s okay, right? Better late than never.

    • No, it wasn’t you! You and this other girl were NOTHING alike, except you were both thinking of changing your blog name. I feel like maybe her blog was red? I am probably wrong. I don’t even remember what POTW looked like anymore!

      AWW You are going to make me cry happy tears <3 😀

  4. I LOVE THIS POST. I mean, obviously since I am in it. *is very modest and humble* ERMAGERD I’M GLAD I EXCEEDED YOUR EXPECTATIONS THO. ehehe.h I kind of need to write a post like this too! 😀

  5. First, this tag is pure genius! I’m so glad you guys got around to doing it. =)

    Oh my gosh, that gif with mine, “say my name”, I literally laughed out loud for minutes after seeing that. I understand why you still refer to me as Nobody, sometimes even I forget not to post as nobody! I definitely remember my first impression of you, though funnily enough, for the longest time I kept getting your blog mixed up with another, similar to the way you did Holly’s! Because it was another blog with a starry background, and I found you both through TTT, but I know it was you, because of your Cowardly Blogger posts. I remember thinking we were so alike, because I’m like the shyest person in the world and, after those posts, I really wanted to become blogging friends with you. Now, I know you’re not as shy as I originally thought you were, but even more awesome. =)

    • Aw thanks! That is too funny- I get EVERYONE mixed up, and not even because they are alike, just because I am the worst at that 😉

      I WAS (am?) super shy at first too- I was afraid to comment on anyone’s stuff, or say anything weird.. until I realized we are all basically nuts, in the best possible way!

  6. Ohmygod this tag is pure genius. LOVE ITT. And haha, i had the same problem not so long ago. Two bloggers whom I both adored and even if their blog were very different in terms and I KNEW they were different people in my head I would just somehow merge them into one person and it was super weird XD I’M NOT ALONE YAYY.

  7. I saw this at Val’s blog as well, and I’m seriously going to do this sometime this week BECAUSE I LOVE THE IDEA 😀 I have to be honest, my first impression of Shay was that she was a total fangirl! And like you, back then I didn’t know her name so I only referred to her as Nobody. She’s such an overall nice friend! ^-^ Great post Shannon! I will do this <3

  8. That Bertha. Never could stand her.

    This is a cool idea! I’m sure I’ve been wrong with a lot of first impressions in the past. I grinned at the Nobody part. 😀

    • She’s a bitch AND a whore 😉 I am the WORST at first impressions. The absolute worst. Basically, if I love someone the first time I meeet them, they are probably the devil, and if I hate them, they’re destined to be my bestie for life.

  9. When it comes to first impressions, I’m usually pretty neutral. I don’t typically have judgment on people when I first meet them, unless it’s, “I’m scared of you because you’re so popular *.*” A lot of bloggers, I’ve met because I commented on their blog and then we followed each other on twitter. I feel like this tag would be so boring if I did it because I’d just be like, “Oh I saw them tweet about … and then I figured, they look cool. and now, we’re inseparable!”

    • I am kind of awful with first impressions usually! I reverse them about 99% of the time, at least in person. Maybe I am better at the internet 😉 That’s pretty much how I met most people too. See you are just too good at remembering who people are, and you don’t mix everyone up like I did 😀

  10. I just really love the graphic for this tag, it’s so pretty!

    Haha, I didn’t even know who Holly was but I’d been following her on Part of The/That World, somehow. That’s hilarious that you didn’t know who she really was. Hahaha.

    I’m going to say again how pretty my new button is, that I still haven’t used yet, um… Yay, Holly for uniting us. <3 I WISH I was the cover model for Free To Fall. I've always wanted to meet Nev and Max, mostly Max, feel free to call! 😉

    Cait's awesomeness is definitely because of her clones.

    I like Faye and Aimee too! The Social Potato is so great. I need to go see this 50 Shades reading.

    • I almost told you that Val made the graphic. Until I realized that you knew that because you were THERE hahhaha. And now you have used your new button! WOO HOO! I think I like Max better too. He’s funnier, and Nev is really too hairy for my liking.

  11. Muhahahha I will always refer to Shay as Nobody. ALWAYS. I mean it is so ingrained in my head. And I also thought the same about Cait, and I always wondered where Mime was. ALSO I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T REMEMBER I DID ONE FOR YOU. HUH SHANNON. HUH. SHUNNED FOREVER

    • YES! It is in my head tooooo. Mime would pop in like, once every other month to do a discussion with Cait or something and then vanish again. She was seasonal, basically.

      Crap. I don;t want to be shunned. I will find something to add in. Maybe it will be weird. No, definitely it will be weird.

  12. I really like this idea you guys have come up with! Now I want to do it myself! And I am also curious to see what others would have thought of me when they first met me!:)
    When I first stumbled upon your blog – thanks to Top Ten Tuesday – I was really impressed by your design skill after seeing your pretty graphics!:) Plus I also could understand your love for THG!:)

  13. SUCH A GREAT IDEA FOR A TAG! Haha, it is hard (before you get to know them more) to tell who is who when they have the same name. 😉 And HAHA! alling her Romber, it’s a good nickname. The first people I really started talking to were Saruuh and Elizabeth, and I was totally intimidated by them, Elizabeth emailed me, because she couldn’t comment on the blog for some reason (can’t remember.) but then not long after I another person called Elizabeth started commenting and I thought it was her (it wasn’t.) and went to comment on hers, and went to say something that I mentioned in the email but ending up deleting it because I wasn’t sure. That would have been awkward. I connect quicker to people who have more of the same taste in books as me (like you and Christy). 😀 Thanks for the tag!

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