Never Have I (Bookishly) Ever


Have you played that game? In college it was an alcohol-infused staple, and somehow, books were rarely the topic. But I thought we can make it into a bookish game just the same. So here are some bookish things that I have never done that I am betting most of you have done. But you have to let me know at the end! You get a point for each one you haven’t done either 😉


1. Checked out a library book as an adult

This is an awful admission, no? I want to, and when I go to the library with the children, I find myself wandering to the YA section and drooling, even though the newest books they have are at least a year old. I want to check them all out! But then I remember two very important things:

1. I do not have a library card (sad but true)

2. My ridiculous and insane TBR of books I already have, meaning there is no way I am going to finish a library book in the time span they allow. It just isn’t happening. minion-no


2. Listened to an audiobook

And I don’t think I ever will, to be honest! I cannot concentrate on two things at once, so if I am just going to read, I might as well just read. Plus, I don’t really love the idea of someone reading for me. I am too much of a control freak for that to ever work.


3. Read a Classic that wasn’t mandated

And to be honest, even when it was mandatory, I didn’t actually read them. I was pretty good at surmising the exact amount of information I would need to pass a test and/or write a paper, and use a combination of Cliffs Notes, the movie (if applicable), skimming the end of the book, and in my later educational years, googling. I love reading so, so much, but I really get ragey when people tell me what I have to read.

Amy Poehler. Don't tell me what to doNHIE

4. Met an author

Now, this almost seems like cheating, since this is quite likely to change in less than a week, but I haven’t! I have talked to some on Twitter, Facebook, even have email correspondence! But actually met any? Nope. And I don’t even mean super famous authors, I mean, any authors. Not even some local dude who published a pamphlet or something. This is why my level of awkward will be at an all time high at BEA.sam-pucket-feel-the-awkward-icarly


5. Shopped at an Independant Bookstore

This one is really, really not my fault. They simply don’t exist here. I wish I could visit one, I do! But it isn’t a “thing”.  One day, I promise! If you have a recommendation for a great one, I do adore traveling 😉



6. Written in a book

I mean, of course, one that was meant to be read-only. But people who do this… well they make me a wee bit stabby, I confess. Even with books in college, when I’d buy them used and some jerk highlighted it? Nope, not okay. Look- I don’t want to know what that guy thought, he was probably dumb and didn’t even highlight the right stuff. And it’s likely that the notes in the margin are full of dumb too. Clueless-As-If


7. Finished writing a book

I don’t even mean publish, or even edited to completion, I mean actually just finished a draft. I could really extend this to finish a chapter and not be lying. Though, it is a goal! If you did this, I applaud you endlessly! I also ask you for tips 😉



8. DNFed more than 2 books

This one is kind of sad, because there are a ton of books I probably should have DNFed (you can look for a review of one of them tomorrow!) but I just can’t do it! And the two books I did DNF were books that I seriously was about to throw across the room in fits of rage. 139399-youre-tacky-and-I-hate-you-gif-sZ5L

9. Read a book with the dust jacket ON

Seriously, it slays me, I cannot do it! Once, I tried to, and my bookmark creased the dust jacket and I was so horrified I never did it again. The plus side is, you get to look at the “naked” book, which you normally do not when it is on the shelf. Some are super extra pretty, like these:



10. Read a book with more than 800 pages

The longest book I have read in recent years is City of Heavenly Fire, coming in at 725. But once upon a time, my dad made me read David Copperfield. There are about 700 editions on Goodreads, so the page count is anywhere from 750-1200 pages, depending on the edition, and I am far too apathetic to look it up. Confession: Neither of the above was worth it.tumblr_lydimqSUtP1r1z5seo1_500

Your turn, my lovelies! Total your score (remember, you get a point for all of the ones you haven’t done!) and I think there shall be TWO winners- the person with the lowest score, who has done all the things, and the person with the highest score, because they are most like me, and I like me! I shall announce the winners when I get back from BEA. And there might even be something in it for you 😉

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64 responses to “Never Have I (Bookishly) Ever

    #2: Does it count if I TRIED to read an audiobook? Honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get into them. I I have poor hearing and I retain more info when reading it.
    #3: Nope! I tried Jane Eyre once.
    #4: I have, yes! I met Bethany Neal last summer for her debut release, and it was AWESOME. Though awkward.
    #5: YESYESYES. I shop at indies all the time. We have many over here.
    #6: Does it count if it was Shakespeare plays in my textbook? Because then I could say yes to this question. I’ve always liked the idea of annotating books, but it gives me hives just thinking about doing it.
    #8: Check. I’ve DNFed a lot.
    #9: I think I have? Before I decided that removing them was so. much. better.
    #10: Um, not that I can remember.

    Okay, so the total: SIX. Not bad, I suppose. :p

  2. Welp, 7 for me! SOMEDAY WE’RE ACTUALLY GOING TO FINISH A GODDAMN FIRST DRAFT, SHANNON. And I am sooooo with you on audiobooks. I can’t do it. I simply don’t have the attention span. Everyone talks about how they listen to them in the car, but I just ??? I could never write a review on an audiobook I’d listened to in the car, because I’d have only really been paying attention to like, a third of it. I’m currently in the middle of A Game of Thrones, which is God even knows how many pages, but I’ve been working on that one for several months, so. . .

  3. I’ve never written a book either. I’ve never gone out of my way to meet an author. I just happen to know a few in ways not related to their books.

  4. I have done every one of these things, soooo 0 points? Actually, other than finish a manuscript, I did all of these things in the past 2 weeks 🙂 ! Explanation: I am a writer who works for a small indie bookstore, so I am also the local author wrangler (among other things).
    As for finishing manuscripts-it’s really hard! I have 8 finished (not polished!) and over 20 unfinished. Bad stats there. I’ve found that writing all the way through and slapping an ending on it works. You can always fix it in a rewrite, and finishing often gives me adrenaline for rewrites

    • WOW impressive! I am seriously in awe of all this. Especially the manuscripts- I mean, even if they are unfinished, that is still amazing. And 8 FINISHED?! You may be my hero 😉 Also, it sounds like a very cool job- writing and working at an indie bookstore? Kind of the dream! I wish you tons of success 😀

      • Aww, shucks . . . sweet of you, but writing is the only thing in life that comes easy to me! I’ll remember your kind words when I am scrubbing the floor of the bookstore’s cafe, or dealing with an angry customer. (i
        I love my job, but since the store is small town, I juggle a lot of hats!) Thanks again, and I believe you can finish a book 🙂

  5. I have done every one of those things, although until last November, I had never finished a book I’d started writing, but I won NaNoWriMo this time! So I have 0 points. I can’t believe you’ve never met an author! You are going to LOVE BEA!

  6. I’ve done all of those things. I admit, I’m one of those people that highlights and takes notes in textbooks. I finished the draft on a book but re read it and disliked it so much I stuffed it in a box.. somewhere. I used to be really bad about DNF’ing books too but more recently I am realizing there are just too many books to force myself through something I really don’t like.

    • Well, I think it is okay to do highlight and stuff IF you are keeping it (or are disclosing that it’s been highlighted in when selling it) but I had gotten so MANY highlighted books that were being passed off as “like new”, and I am NOT a highlighter kind of person 😉 And congrats to you for doing all of these! And you are right with the DNFing, I wish I could be better at doing it!

  7. I’ve done all of these things EXCEPT finish a book – I did win NaNoWriMo, but I never actually finished the book. I WILL someday, though! (I think.) Actually, I may have never read a book with the jacket on, now that I think about it. I feel like I must have at some point, but I pretty much always take them off … hmmm.

    • Aw you totally will! I have absolute faith in that! As for the jacket, I had to think long and hard about it, because I figured maybe I had, once upon a time? But I vividly recall the first hardcover I read, and how I was so upset, so yeah, I really never have!

  8. I got 4 points – #s 1, 2, 7, and 9! This was such a fantastic idea – you always come up with the most creative posts. 😛
    Totally feel you about the dust jackets! I CANNOT read with them on… I’m always scared their gonna get bent, plus it’s just a pain!

  9. Well I am that GUY who has done every single one of these things. That book who’s draft I finished is buried in my closet at home somewhere. What can I say? I’m a bookish guy who does all the things (whether writing in a book is acceptable or not by some people). This was really fun though. So I guess I have a score of 0.

  10. Aha! 1) Nope, I have never checked out a library book as an adult. I think the last book I checked out of the library was when I was 14, and that was my school one. That I, uhm, had for like 3 months. I don’t have a library card either (I never renewed it).
    2) This is going great for me so far, haha. Haven’t listened to one either, and don’t really fancy it at all, for your reasons to, but because it’s just…weird. I mean, I already have a voice in my head while I’m reading it, so I don’t really need another one. 😉
    3) Damn, and things were going so well…Done that.
    4) Me neither, my reason? I’m a hermit.
    5) Nope, I get most of mine online, and when I don’t, it’s usually Waterstones, mainly because it’s across from Starbucks and I basically live there when I’m out.
    6) Yup, so with you there. I haven’t either, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO THE POOR BOOK?
    7) I’ve had two main ones going for two years (my problem is, I go with an idea, almost finish it, then I get another idea and HAVE TO START IT.)
    8) Yeah…no, I don’t have the patience. I think I’ve DNF’d 6 this year so far.
    9) I find people who actually do that weird. HOW CAN YOU READ IT WITH IT ON?
    10) I’ve read up to 729 (which was L. J. Smith’s first volume of the Night World bind ups, I borrowed from Amber when I was travelling to Scotland (which, uh, took 13 hours, and I finished it before I got there.) When I eventually finish Anna Karenina properly, I’ll have beat it. That’s never going to happen. So, nope.

    I haven’t done 8 of them. Honestly, I thought it was going to be less than that. This is why I never get drunk. Good luck (and have fun!) at BEA, hope you get to pick up the books you want! 🙂

    • Well, clearly you have too high of goals in life if you’re going around reading classics for fun 😉 Also, I am a hermit too. Also, authors don’t come here because… no one comes here! And I do usually get mine online, because the only other choice within an hour drive is Books A Million!

      I need your idea problem, because ideas ARE my problem. Like I have characters in my head, and I can start writing them but I have plot problems, big time! I wish I could DNF, I hate having all these dumb crappy books in my head 😉

      And thank you SO much! I am scared, but excited 😀

  11. (1) Gah…I check out books all the time at the library!
    (2) *high fives* I don’t really get all the hype about audiobooks to be completely honest. They just take so long to listen to, and it just isn’t worth it almost. By the time you finish listening to one book on tape, you could have read three physical books, you know?
    (3) I’ve read a ton of non-required classics – mostly because my parents nag me about always reading too much YA and needing to “expand my horizons” into classics and whatnot. Bleh.
    (8) Wow. I’m impressed. I wish I only DNF’d two books! You’re a fighter Shannon! 😉
    (9) OMG YES. I thought this was only me – haha! Weird to realize I’m not the only one.
    (10) I’ve read Les Miserables, which was 1,500 pages. Needless to say that took me over a month and constant persuasion on the part of my parents, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

    Love the idea for this post Shannon, and thanks for sharing! This was so much fun!

    • I SO AGREE with the audiobook thing! Because yes- I could have read a ton of books in the time it takes me to listen to some random person to drone on. I would get so impatient!

      Hahha I don’t mind expanding horizons but… I don’t like classics! My dad made me read David Copperfield and… UGH. Just ugh.

      And as for the DNFing, I AM a fighter, but I don’t WANT to be. I need to DNF more, because WHY am I always finishing books I don’t like!? And Les Mis is 1500 pages!?!?!? WHOA. Okay, never reading that! 😉 And thank you SO much, glad you enjoyed it!

  12. 1) * gasp! * I couldn’t survive without a library card! I feel faint.
    2) I’m with you here, I haven’t listened to one since I was really young. I go back to reread sentence or plow ahead really fast waaaay to much for this to work. Plus, I’m a visual learner, I feel like the audio wouldn’t stick with me!
    4) I’ve had my fair share of awkward interactions with authors, haha. It really is important to talk to them like they’re just people, because they are! I really suggest having a topic of conversation before you go up to them, because this is what has caught me in the past. * cringes * Good luck at BEA, hope you enjoy yourself! 😀

    • I know, I know, bad reader who doesn’t go to the librarY! And oh my goodness, I LOVE your suggestion! I am SO going to have to think up something decent to talk about to these people! Thank you! The good thing is, I am kind of hoping there won’t be a huge amount of time to embarrass myself? 😉

      • You definitely won’t, it’s true! But if you have something you know you want to say beforehand you can have a small positive interaction/impact even in such a short time.

  13. My final score was 6! Ha. I can relate to so many of these. I really want to check out library books too, but come on . . . my TBR is crazy!! Then again, it might save me some money. I really, really need to finish writing a book . . . yes I am also talking about a draft. Or a chapter. My husband keeps encouraging me too, but I am just such a heavy procrastinator.

    • That is always my conundrum: Money versus Keeping the Book. Usually Keeping the Book wins haha. Aw I am the same way, I keep trying to finish a book (or a chapter!) but I just have no time, which leads to no motivation… and sadly, I do NOT have support, so that is a problem too, especially with two young kids! I know you’ll be able to do it, I am so happy that your husband is supportive of you. Tell him that he’s restored my faith in his gender 😉

  14. I have 6 points!
    1. I haven’t ever checked out a library book when I was an adult(though really, let’s use the term “adult” lightly for me).

    2. I haven’t listened to an audiobook. I tried once, lasted like five minutes before I fell asleep and I’m not exaggerating.

    3. I was homeschooled and therefore I have never ever read a classic. Haha. =)

    4. I have met quite a few authors. And I have no advice for you because I’d like to say I’m always oh so calm and cool but no, I’m a nervous wreck. A spazz if you will.

    5. Come to Reno NV, we have a lot!

    6. People write in books!???

    7. I’ve written a lot. My advice is to stop procrastinating(of course that’s what I’m doing right now…) =) Joking, my advice is to find an idea you love and just can’t get out of your head and then convince yourself that you simply HAVE to write it or you will die. =)

    8. I don’t DNF a ton, but more than two.

    9. I’ve always thought you were supposed to read it with it off! I mean if you leave it on it could get RUINED!

    10. I don’t believe I’ve read a book with more than 800 pages…

    I loved this so much! Pure genius, Shannon! =)

    • Bwhahaha your comment on #1 made me chuckle! DUDE, I love that you don’t have to read classics if you are homeschooled! I swear, every time I talk to you or Cait I get more set on homeschooling my kids!

      OH and as for #6- YES, especially school books, even if you have purchased them (like, in college and stuff)- they’ll have writing and highlighting and it is AWFUL. And I love your writing tips! I need to find the idea I love. I have a few characters I love but they can’t just mill around all day 😉

      And thank you so much 😀

  15. 9 points for me for things I haven’t done. I have checked out books as an adult, and I have actually DNF around 38 books so far LOL I would never write in books though, I don’t even write in my college textbooks, I don’t highlight either. I hate markings in books in general. Audiobooks do sound interesting, but imagine if it was a scary thriller and the person narrating just SCREAMS out of nowhere lol. This was a fun post though!

    • WHOA, 38 books!? I am impressed, PLEASE teach me your ways! I would love to be able to DNF just a few, like the ones I hate and finish anyway? Why do I do that to myself?

      And OMG- that would be hilarious, honestly- like, someone is being mauled and you just hear screaming like there’s a murder taking place in your actual house, and then people in your house don’t like you anymore… 😉

  16. Okay, let me see.

    1) I’m not an adult.
    2) I’m too poor, I just read it out myself.
    3) I start a lot of them, but never quite finish.
    4) Nope. Live too far away for that.
    5) Nope, live too far away for that too. (I have bought self-pub books, but that’s not a indie bookstore I guess.)
    6) NOOOO.
    7) Yep, I’ve done that.
    8) The idea of DNF is that you don’t plan to finish them, correct? I PLAN to finish all my books, I just never get around to them. Does that count?
    9) I’m rarely rich enough for hardbacks, but I did rip off the cover jacket for Deathly Hallows.
    10) I don’t think so — at least Game of Thrones is just shy of 800, and that’s pretty much the longest book I’ve read, so there.

    So I get 9 points. Hmm, not bad. I’m quite like you, and I quite like you too. (I could not resist. I’m sorry.)

  17. This post is just good fun. I got 8 points. I haven’t ever met an author and I haven’t finished writing a book….yet. I have done all the rest on your list.

  18. I won’t be winning, I got 6. I only would write my name in a book, and then only before I go to lend it. I get almost all my books from the library. I’m not big on DNF or audio, but I have done more than 2 of each.
    Fun post, do we get a shot if tequila for each point?

  19. I have three points for things that I’ve never done. I’ve written in school books and I read hardcovers with and without the dust jacket. Fun game:)

  20. I can’t believe I have done all those things. Normally I just sit off to the side for these things because I haven’t done them or I don’t even know what they are. 0 points for me.

    Hope you have fun at BEA! Maybe you can cross a few things off your list. (Author, Indiebook store)

  21. Never have I ever listened to an audiobook! Never have I ever read a classic that wasn’t mandated! Never… shopped at an Independent Book Store for the same reasons as you! Never…. written in a book, or finished writing a book. Never… read a book with the jacket on! So, I reckon that makes my score a 6/10 Nevers… So that means a 4/10 Haves!

  22. Never have I ever…checked out a library book as an adult. (Even though I had a library card in college AND when I first moved to Austin.) Two weeks ago I could have said, “Never have I ever..listened to an audiobook!” but alas, I started listening to Great Expectations, which also nixes me on #3. Never have I ever…met an author…or finished writing a book (one day, though!). I have read several books with more than 800 pages…so my total of Nevers comes to 3. Really? 3? Oh. 🙁

  23. I’VE DONE LIKE ALL OF THESE WUT. I have never finished a book [which still haunts me to this day] and I’ve never read a book with the dust jacket on. BUT STILL THE OTHERS. [I guess 1 doesn’t count because I’m not an adult]


    • You are right, I DO need to do all the things! I am impressed that you have, especially since you have had far less time than I have to do them in 😉 I need to get my act together! (Except for writing in books, I don’t think I will do that one.)

  24. I got 5 points!

    1- I don’t have access to a library, so yeah. I did check out books as a kid and school books at university, but that doesn’t count, right? point
    2- This used to be true for me and I thought that I could never do audiobooks, but now I kind of love them! – no point
    3- I have read lots of classics that weren’t school required. In fact, the ones that were mandated are the ones I didn’t read. =x – no point
    4 – I have met local authors, but I will count a point for this one. point
    5- I have never shopped at an independent book store. At least, I think I haven’t. point
    6 – I have written in books! – no point.
    7- I never finished writing a book. I always lose interest right in the middle of it. =/ point
    8- I pretty much never DNF unless it is a really boring school book. point
    9- I have read with the dust jacket on, but I don’t anymore. – no point.
    10- I have read a bunch of books over 800 pages (okay, not a bunch, but some). – no point.

    This was fun! xD

  25. I love this and I read this earlier this week and I meant to comment on it and I have no idea why I didn’t so so sooner.

    1. I have.
    2. I have not.
    3. I have. Not. That’s sad, I own like 20 classics but I seriously think the only ones I’ve read (so far) were ones I had to read in HS. Aw.
    4. I have not.
    5. I have.
    6. I have….if the Bible counts. 🙂
    7. I have not.
    8. I have not. I don’t think so anyway, I DNFed Anatomy of a Misfit before.
    9. I have!
    10. I have not. I attempted to read Les Mis though! Which DEFINITELY has over 800 pages. 😉 Keyword: Attempted. Then I didn’t feel like it anymore, poor Les Mis.

    I have six points apparently!

  26. I got 6 points! I have actually written a lot of books or stories when I was younger and even finished a whole trilogy, I once re-read the first book and it’s pretty horrid though, lol. I also learned to DNF more books and probably have DNF’d around 11 books now I think?
    I am the same as you with audiobooks, some days I think I might want to give them a try, but just sittign there listening to a book? I am not sure if I could do that. I have a hard time sitting stil and can only imagine what would happen if I ever try an audiobook.
    I am not even sure if we have independant bookstores over here, not even sure what the term actually means. I never shop at a brick and mortar bookstore at all, because either they only have dutch books (I can’t stand reading dutch books anymore, the language isn’t meant for books in my opinion), the english selection is really small or the price is about 4 or 6 euro’s more than if I woudl buy them at the bookdepository.
    I don’t have a lot of hardcovers, but if I read one I always remove the dustjackets, it reads awkward with them on and I would be constantly worrying about damaging the jacket.
    I am completely sure about the 800 pages as when I was younger I read some pretty thick epic fantasy books and read the first 10 books in the Wheel of Time series, I am pretty sure one of those must have more pages than 800?

  27. I got five points! I love library books and around here all we have is independent book stores. I was surprised when I started blogging, I had never heard the term before. It is so wrong to write in books. And eat while reading haha The worst thing about library books is finding food in them (at least I hope it was food)

  28. Oh boy did I love this post something fierce. Definitely a creative one! I used to take books out of the library and read them but then I realised my physical TBR of 100+ books was ever growing (never mind my ebook one) so I have stopped my library visits as much as it pains me 🙁 And I have never listened to an audiobook either – I just know it isn’t for me. I need to be doing something myself and am terrible at simply listening. Oh, and I don’t read hardcovers with dustcover jackets on either. Nopity, nope xD

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