Burn, Rewrite, or Reread?

I was tagged by the lovely Kayla @ The Thousand Lives to do this tag! From Kayla’s exact words, copied and pasted: “So here are the rules, from what I can understand: there are three rounds, wherein I use a random number picker applied to my “read” shelf on Goodreads for three books, and then decide what I’ll do to those three: burn, rewrite, or reread. Sounds simple enough!”

Now, for the sake of not burning books, because that gives us all the sads, let’s look at it as a “burn” ala “The Burn Book” from Mean Girlstumblr_mgw0cbHWgb1rjujlpo1_500

So. Random.org and I meet again! This is probably going to be my favorite part of this, I won’t lie. Because choosing between books? HARD.

Round One

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BURN: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling I loathed this book. I skimmed the last half, because I couldn’t do it anymore. It wasn’t offensive or anything, it was just boring.

REWRITE: Water & Storm Country (The Country Saga #3) by David Estes I actually quite liked this book, so I wouldn’t want to rewrite much, I just liked Salt & Stone  a bit better, and I had to choose one! So edit a sentence or something, and then leave this one alone.

REREAD: Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott Yeah, this one was entertaining as hell. I would gladly reread. Bring it on!

Round 2


BURN:Graduation Day (The Testing #3) by Joelle Charbonneau GAH, this book was awful. I mean, the series started off decently, but got so bad by the end… well, I did burn-book it, basically. Here it is!

REWRITE:  Beautiful Darkness (The Caster Chronicles #2) by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl What was this book even about? Does anyone remember? I feel like I kind of liked the series, but then I watched the awful movie adaptation, and now I don’t remember the books, and that whiny movie-Ethan is in my mind. BeautifulCreatures6

 REREAD:  Seeds of War (Eden’s Root #2) by Rachel Fisher I really enjoyed this series, and I would love to give it a reread, if I had the chance. It was good stuff, though I read it ages ago.

Round 3


Um, Round Three? You can go ahead and bite me. These are all five star books! How am I supposed to make choices like this!?

BURN: State of Emergency by Summer Lane Honestly, I don’t want to burn this! I don’t even have anything bad to say about it! So um… how about we make fun of the apocalypse-ravaged car on the cover or something? Great.

REWRITE: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven Well, I mean, we can have her rewrite it to make us happier? That’s all I’ve got, because these are all five star books.

REREAD: Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley How did this win the reread? Well, it is on my elite-favorites list. Which only contains five books. And three of them are The Hunger Games. So yeah, this wins. Now, where’s my sequel?

This was lovely fun! So, I shall tag more people to partake in the good times. I don’t know if one is supposed to tag four people, but that’s what Kayla did, so here are four:

Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway

Val @ The Innocent Smiley

Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

Vlora @ Reviews and Cake

So, what do you think of my choices? Would you have done the same?

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24 responses to “Burn, Rewrite, or Reread?

  1. I agree with your choice about Is Everyone Hanging But Me.. I have a copy of it and I actually DNF’ed it, the first two essays were very funny and interesting then it just got BORING as you said </3 This is a cute post though!

    • Yes! It was just so mind numbingly boring. Which is weird, because I do like her, but… I guess she’s just not great at writing the books 😉 (To be perfectly honest, I kind of DNFed it myself, because I just skimmed random parts to see if it got better. Spoiler, it did not.)

  2. I was going to say THAT IS NOT GOOD, ROUND 3. MEAN. Yup, make fun of the cover, that’ll do. THE COVER. BURN.

    Ahhh, see I would’ve loved a happier ending of All the Bright Places after reading it, buuuuut, I don’t think I would’ve loved it as much, and it wouldn’t have affected me as much if it was happier. We can just pretend there’s a happy ending, somewhere. LIKE IT WAS ALL JUST A DREAM.

    YES, SEQUEL PLEASE JOY N. HENSLEY. REALLY. I mean, it doesn’t even have to have Drill in there, (although I do want Drill, <- I am totally ignoring how that sounds) But more kickass Sam.

    • The worst part was, I tried to cheat, and it actually gave me ANOTHER 5 star book, so I figured it was like, fate or something (and also that I shouldn’t cheat the game, apparently) so I just went with it. I know, you are tight, it wouldn’t have had the same impact. But still, I had to do something 😉

      YESSS It does need to have Drill, don’t tell her that! 😉

  3. Round 3 would have been tough for me cause I LOVED both All the Bright Places and Rites of Passage. But I totally agree with your choices, I would have rewrote AtBP to make happier and I seriously need to do a reread of RoP.

  4. Wow Round 3 loooks soo tough Idk how u made that decision. They were all five star-rated books and that’s always the worst choice! Awesome post and Idk where I’ve been that I haven’t seen your blog. Love the design and ur blog is just too cute!

  5. Well you automatically win with the Mean Girls gif 😉

    Hmm… I didn’t love Fire & Flood. I need someone (hint: you!) to spoil Salt & Stone for me so I can know what happened to the adorable pandoras lol.

    Yeah I enjoyed The Testing, and I have the next two books, but I’m not running to finish the series O_O

    PLEASE REWRITE ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES. Someone needs to fanfic it for us.

    • Hahha thanks! Mean Girls always has to win, no? 😉 And I will absolutely spoil it for you! Send me an email or DM if you are really sure- I don’t want to spoil if you aren’t certain 😉

      DUDE I should write an alternate ending- I actually had an idea of another way it could have ended when I was reading it. So this could happen.

      Um, don’t bother with The Testing, because it gets SO BAD. Like, I gave Graduation Day 2 stars, but I was more generous back then. If I rated it today, it would get like, a half. Max.

  6. This was a great tag. I completely agree with you about Graduation Day. The main character kind of annoyed me throughout the whole series anyway, but the last one was the worst.

    • She was THE WORST. I mean, she was so “perfect” and everything she did saved ALL the people, and she was condescending about it and ugh. I do not like Cia. At all. Graduation Day… I did not like. At all. Blech.

  7. MEAN GIRLS. Ahem, was that not the point of this post? Sorry, I get distracted. Thanks for tagging me! Also: I need to read Rites of Passage ASAP. I love that you have an elite-favorites list haha

  8. Hahahhah that last round just sounds painful. But definitely I would also rewrite All The Bright Places for that nice happy ending 🙂 IS IT SAD I HAVE READ NOTHING ELSE? I mean it sounds like I can go on without reading a few so that’s okkkk

  9. hahah rewrite All the Bright Places. HAHAHAHA. I was okay with it, but I definitely wouldn’t have minded a more happy ending. Also haven’t read the rest, so, I don’t have more opinions on this. (I hate that, you know).

    I might do this tag, once I’m caught up on the other 10,000 I have not done. Yet.

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