Snark From the Ark: The 100 Episode 2.14 “Bodyguard of Lies”


Welcome to this week’s Snark From the Ark! Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight are mildly obsessed with “The 100″, and need to flail and fangirl after every episode. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the fun! As always, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. So either watch the episode, or use this to catch up! Did you miss last week’s chat? Find it here!

SERIOUSLY… ALL the Spoilers Ahead. DO NOT READ THIS until you watch, or unless you’re cool with spoilers. You’ve been warned! 


UkCcbP0R_400x400I don’t even remember WHAT the show was about, so I hope you do hahhaha


A  lot happened. A LOT.


 shannonIt did. It was all this big old “Here’s ALL the things, and now we will spend the next two weeks dealing with them.”

I won’t lie, I found Jaha’s ridiculously small and pathetic rag-tag foursome particularly funny.

Rowing across some random ass lake in the middle of the desert? Sure!



And Murphy’s one-liners were AWESOME.

We needed those moments in-between the intense scenes.

Especially after the seriously dramatic moments with Bellamy! Gah, I WAS SO SCARED FOR HIM.


 shannonI was too! Most of the time I was “meh, he will be fine, no need to worry”, but there were moments when I just wasn’t so sure anymore!

Like, HOW was he going to escape!?

I still don’t think I completely understand how the thing exploded though.


I don’t care though. I’m just glad he’s safe. That’s all I want. And Octavia.

I could live with deaths of the rest, but it would be hard.


I agree! Oh, my heart almost stopped with Octavia! WHAT THE HELL? See, I told you Lexa was bad freaking news.



Dude, I was so PISSED. I think I tweeted “fuck you Lexa” when she gave the order to kill Octavia.




I was so mad, and like, mad at Clarke even, because why does she just blindly trust her?



hollyBut she figured it out, thank God. I don’t trust Lexa after that shit.

However, funny thing, I actually did feel some chemistry between her and Clarke. I’M STILL A MAJOR BELLARKE SHIPPER THOUGH.



I didn’t! At all. I felt like Lexa might have some feelings for Clarke, but that Clarke was just sad and lonely and kind of caught of guard.



I don’t know, Clarke did kind of seem to care for her.



Holly, NO! You are the biggest Bellarke shipper I know! NO NO NO.




I also STILL don’t like Lexa. Not after that shit she pulled with Octavia.


No, I don’t either. She makes me mad. I haven’t liked her since the shit at the conference, and now I don’t like her more. PLUS, she even acknowledged that Clarke had feelings for Bellamy, but is trying to like, steal her away!



I don’t know what she was doing, asking Clarke all of those questions about her and Bellamy.


See, I almost felt like the kiss was trying to distract Clarke from Bellamy for some sort of strategic purpose more than Lexa ACTUALLY wanting to kiss Clarke.

I don’t know, something about it just didn’t feel authentic to me. Especially with how underhanded Lexa has been, and how unstable she knows Clarke is.



A lot of people seem to think it’s authentic and I know others who are SHIPPING them, who were like hardcore Bellarke shippers.



WHAAAT!? Like, transfers!?

Point me to them, I must change their minds!


Don’t be worried Shannon. You really think Lexa is going to be around for a long time?

I think Indra’s even pissed at her. I wonder how everyone would feel if they knew she she’d done. Then again, they’re Grounders and their ways are harsher.


I think most of them would be pissed, because they think of Octavia as one of their own now. They’d have been less pissed if she’d offed Clarke!



Do you think they’re grooming Octavia to like become the Commander? I’ve heard that uttered, and I have to say, it seems true.



Oh yes, 100%. I agree. I have thought that for awhile now, which is why I see Indra’s time VERY limited.

I was kind of surprised that she made it out of the missile attack




I honestly thought she was going to die in that.

Someone really important WILL die within the next two episodes. No surprise there.



Oh for sure. No question. Probably more than one someone even. Like, first someone kind of important, to think we are done with the deaths.

And THEN… someone actually important.



Monty, Jasper, Lincoln, Indra.

NOT Octavia, definitely not. Not Bellamy either.

I don’t WANT it to be Lincoln or Monty, but I could live with it. Maybe Lexa will die.




Maybe Lexa. Probably Jasper or Monty. I hope not Lincoln, but you never know.

Probably Indra too.



I’d say Jasper, but I don’t know, he might actually have a storyline with Maya. I could see him dying to defend her though.

I think Indra might die too.



I agree with the Jasper thing, BUT then it would give Maya a grief storyline if he died. Like, if he saved her?



I don’t know, girl, this makes my head hurt.



Seriously, no more trying to psychoanalyze the writers! Let’s talk about Raven’s nap!

She was… weird after. I couldn’t’ tell why. Was it her leg? Was it because she was napping while her besties were off fighting a war? Was it Finn? All of the above?



I think it was mostly Finn, and also because Raven is very closed off and doesn’t let her emotions show.



I suppose. It was kind of awkward to watch though! I mean, at first she’s all over him like white on rice, and then she was so COLD!

I felt for her, but also for him. Talk about feeling rejected!



I think she was just feeling A LOT and needed to step back.

I felt for him too. But I think he’s good for her and I think he’ll break down her walls, if the show gives them more face-time.



I think so too. As long as he doesn’t bite it in the next episode 🙁



Shhhhh he won’t. they aren’t even fighting in the war, are they?



No, they aren’t fighting. I don’t think. But, that does NOT matter in this show!



Nothing matters in this show.



Nope. They’ll have Greg come back and eat all of Camp Jaha, for goodness sake!




I wonder, where WILL that gorilla be during all of this?




Seriously, he came, he wreaked havoc, and he left. But um, he is a giant freaking gorilla, he couldn’t have gone too far!




Didn’t they lock him in his cage?




Oh, maybe. But Greg is again, a giant freaking gorilla! He won’t stay locked up for long!

OMG, Holly- is Greg dead?!












Well, as per usual, we veered way off topic! Now for our awards (with a new award!) and then a guest post from Greg with predictions for next week!



Sad day, but Murphy spent this entire episode cracking jokes and watching people get blown to bits.

Snark is not so funny when you are covered in pieces of your neighbor. Womp womp. If he hadn’t started throwing shit at solar panels, he would have been even more useless.



This was a bit hard this week, but Ravenraven basically helped Bellamy diffuse the fog bomb things, and then got right to work getting her nap on. Now that’s a warrior!



Bellamy bellamybasically proved that he is flame resistant, and can outrun and outshoot an entire group of Weatherians. Kudos, my friend.


And our latest addition, the “CAGED” award is basically the person of the week who most belongs in one of those Mount Weather cages, because we do not like them. At all. This week, it’s obvious: Lexa. Not only did she try to sink our ship, but she tried to kill Octavia. And no one messes with Octavia on our watch.



Greg the Gorilla here, to assist with predictions since Holly insists on sleeping and Shannon is fresh out of ideas. You’d think I couldn’t type, because  I’m a gorilla, but you’d be wrong. Nuclear war has benefits for Gorillakind. I have thumbs now. BOOM. 

  • Lexa is out of here! I won’t be sad to see her go, since she did shoot at me (quite a few times, if you recall) a few episodes back. But aside from my personal animosity, she’s just not useful to the show anymore. Bye, bitch.
  • What is on the other side of that lake Jaha and Friends are rowing to? My guess? Death and destruction. But only for those two people we don’t know or care about. And of course, a set up for next season’s plot.
  • Which Arkian is going to die? Your guess is as good as mine. Since I don’t have any lines, I don’t get the script ahead of time. I basically improv the grunts and yells. Oh right, the characters. Likely Jasper or Monty, I’d say. And could you feed me one of them, if you think of it? We aren’t that genetically linked..
  • “War, terrible war”. I mean, that is probably going to be all that happens next week. A lot of fighting. Some tension. And a big old cliffhanger for the actual finale.
  • And what about me? Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage….” So if you have some compassion for a large, hungry gorilla, throw me a stack of bananas or a Grounder or something, okay?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Anything you see happening tonight that I didn’t think of?

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10 responses to “Snark From the Ark: The 100 Episode 2.14 “Bodyguard of Lies”

  1. The amount of love I have for Greg knows no bounds. I love his guest post. And omg Murphy’s award is my favorite. “Snark is not so funny when you are covered in pieces of your neighbor.” <–dying.

  2. AAAH OMG THIS IS A THING. I remember seeing you link to this two weeks or so ago and I didn’t click on it because I had no idea what it could possibly mean, and then I didn’t even recall it, I just went to your blog randomly after posting my own post about The 100 earlier today and was like whaaaat The 100 episode discussion YES ALL THE YES. 😀 (My disregard for actual grammar tells you how excited I am about this show.) I’ve been doing nothing but watching The 100 the last week and I’m all caught up now. I find it slightly hilarious that NONE of my friends are watching it (yes, I am getting on everyone’s nerves to change that fact), but now that I’m paying attention I keep seeing other book bloggers talk about it. Clearly, we just have better taste than the rest of the world.

    That said, I VASTLY disagree with your assessment. 😀 I am SO excited for Clexa. It’s PERFECT, and I love it for all the reasons, and I think-hope-pray their story’s just begun. BUT I did see chemistry between Clarke and Bellamy, so I understand the shipping of that as well. Clexa is just better, but you’re entitled to your own (clearly wrong) opinion.

    I was wondering about Raven’s reaction as well. I think it was mostly about Finn, but who could really say? Octavia being groomed to become the new commander is a very interesting thought (thought I hope not because then what happens to Lexa)! I was sure Indra was a goner after the attack too. I thought Octavia would take over then, but I’m kind of glad they’re taking their time with her storyline because she hasn’t had that much training yet. I also keep wondering where they’re going with the Jaha storyline. What are they trying to say with all the biblical implications with the walk across the desert and everything? Has he gone crazy or are they actually going to find something? I’ve been thinking ever since the City of Light first came up that they’re going to introduce it in the last episode like they did with the mountain men last season, but I’m really curious to see what it’s going to be exactly. An actual normal city or something much worse than everything they’ve encountered before? I mean all those solar powers have to power something, right?

    I’m nervous about who’s going to die next week. I don’t really want anyone to die, but I feel like they’ve been toeing around an actually important death for a couple of episodes now, so they definitely need to kill someone we like. I hope it’s not going to be Bellamy (but I don’t think so). They *seem* to be setting Octavia up for some sort of storyline with the Grounders, so I think she’s proooobably safe (who can tell with this show though). Raven can’t die because my brain wouldn’t accept that and Clarke’s the main character, so that would be VERY surprising (but again.. this show). I hope it’s going to be one of the adults because pffshh I don’t care about them THAT much. Jasper and/or Monty seem like a strong possibility as well and Maya is already in danger after what they said about the radiation and level 5… I definitely think a Jasper/Maya sacrifice is very likely. I hope Cage is going to end up dead because he just gives me the creeps.

    I can’t really imagine what they’re going to do with the mountain men and what’s going to happen once that storyline is resolved. More grounder problems? War with the City of Light? Will Clarke wake up and realize it was all just a dream and she’s still on the Ark? Nothing would surprise me with this show (and yet everything does).

      • DUDE. Are you still shipping Clexa NOW!? (Please tell me you watched last night’s episode! I need someone to freak out with hahah)

        I thought I had SOMEWHAT figured out who had the highest chances of dying but… now? NO IDEA. Seriously, anything might happen, I haven’t a clue how this is going to go down. At all. But it is not going to be pretty. At all.

        As for the Jaha thing, yeah, I think it will be a set up for next season. How cool would it be if it was this fully functioning city, just like today’s society? I still think it’s Vegas. Maybe they are crossing like, Lake Mead? And between the dam and the solar power, they’ve put some kind of society together? But it is SO hard to tell distance and time on this show, so who knows!

        OMG what if it was a dream? They could NOT do that to us. That would be such a cop out, right?

        I think we may THINK we know, but we have no idea.

        Also, though I respect your opinion on Clexa versus Bellarke, well… I hate to say “I told you so” but, I totally did 😉

        • Oh yeah, I totally still ship them. I wrote that comment after I’d already seen the episode 😀 I’m not thrilled about Lexa’s decision obviously, but I understand why she’d put her people first (even though I don’t think it’s actually very helpful to them but whatever), and we’ve known all along that she thinks her feelings are a weakness that stands in the way of her being a leader. I don’t think she was just manipulating Clarke; it looked like she actually had feelings, so while I’m not on board with her betrayal, I do think she can still redeem herself and I understand it based on her upbringing. It makes sense that she wouldn’t change in a day. They just seem very evenly matched. Besides, absolutely everyone on this show has blood on their hands. Clarke was ready to let Octavia die ffs (not cool, Clarke). I care about Clarke and Lexa, but I love that the writers don’t put too much focus on the romance (with any couple) because there are just more important things to worry about, like, not getting killed. I like Bellamy as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Clarke had a thing at some point. He was also getting friendly with that Grounder girl in the cage, but that might have just been a you-can-trust-me thing.

          Oh, Vegas, that’s a thought! I’ve never been able to figure out quite where they are, but aren’t they too far away? I thought they said something about the Eastern United States at some point (I mostly remember that because before I thought they were somewhere in South America haha). I definitely think there could be some sort of functional city, but it seems too easy.. if the city of light is actually just a city I’d be kind of surprised after all the previous twists. 😀 I think it’s a strong possibility that Jaha might become an enemy for a while… he seems pretty fanatic at the moment and that usually means trouble.

          If it were actually just a dream I’d be VERY angry haha But hey, these aren’t the How I Met Your Mother writers, so I have faith 😀

          • NO! You cannot! (Well fine, you CAN, but I do not approve!) I mean, my take on it is that Lexa is not EVEN putting her people first, she is just being a shitty leader, and quite honestly, taking the cowardly, easy way out, and I can only hope it will come back and bite her on the ass tenfold.

            And I had thought they were in the Eastern US too (because someone DID mention that, you are right- BUT I think that may be where they’d WANTED to land, and not necessarily where they did? I am not sure), but there are not ANY deserts in the eastern US. So that complicates things too.

            Ohhhh Jaha being an enemy WOULD make sense! And you know, it’s funny, because if the show did something completely mundane, that might shock us most of all 😉

            And do not get me started on HIMYM. I pretend the last episode never happened, because otherwise I cannot go on with my day.

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