Review: Half Wild by Sally Green

Review: Half Wild by Sally Green Half Wild Series: Half Bad #2
on March 24th 2015
Pages: 432

"You will have a powerful Gift, but it’s how you use it that will show you to be good or bad."

In a modern-day England where two warring factions of witches live amongst humans, seventeen-year-old Nathan is an abomination, the illegitimate son of the world's most powerful and violent witch. Nathan is hunted from all sides: nowhere is safe and no one can be trusted. Now, Nathan has come into his own unique magical Gift, and he's on the run--but the Hunters are close behind, and they will stop at nothing until they have captured Nathan and destroyed his father.



**This may contain spoilers for Half Bad, at least some minor ones, so proceed with caution**

I never did a full review of Half Bad. I read, felt moderately apathetic about it, and threw it into a batch of “Books I’m Never Reviewing”and called it a day, much to the chagrin of basically everyone. When I won a copy of Half Wild, I felt a bit guilty, because I knew there were some readers who were dying to read it, more than I was especially after lukewarm feelings about Half Bad.

So I went into it with apprehension. And I came out of it flailing and screaming and needing the next one. Luckily, Kirsty-Marie @ Studio Reads was available for Goodreads flails and joint hatred of a particular character, so things were okay. I mean, as okay as they can be until the last book shows up.

But, the whole book wasn’t a home run for me, and I will explain it by breaking it into thirds:

The First 1/3

Well, to be honest, this part was quite similar to the last book for me. And since I didn’t love the last book, well, I was worried. I was bored of Nathan and his witchery. I was over his dumb father, and all these witches being proverbial witches as much as literal witches, and basically, I wasn’t thinking I would like this. Also, I hate Annalise. Screenshot (38)

And Nathan was so concerned about finding her! I thought she ought to remain lost, frankly, but Nathan simply wasn’t listening to me. And he was being extra irritating about finding her. Every other line seemed to be (and this is paraphrased) But what about Annalise? or We must find Annalise!  or If someone doesn’t take me to Annalise, my face will melt off! (That last one was probably an exaggeration…)

So between Annalise, and my general lack of interest, I was afraid this wouldn’t be going well. But then…

The Second 1/3

Things picked up! I really started to care more about the characters, my ship was firmly decided, and I was really getting invested in the story as a whole. Nathan was really struggling with his newfound powers, and it was really great to finally develop a connection with him. There were new characters introduced, who while not vital, definitely interested me. All kinds of witch politics and plotting were afoot, and I was pretty curious to see what would happen! Of course, Annalise was still there. No one was listening to my pleas that she needed to leave.

The Last 1/3

Well, this is where I got hooked for good. There is some insane action happening, along with some really great character and relationship development. Obviously I am not going to say much about the last third of the book, because that is mean. But by the end, I was pretty much just flailing about, ranting about how I simply cannot be expected to wait until 2016.tumblr_mb0dydfUJA1rq1vxuo1_500

More things I liked:

  • The cover of this ARC said UnAmericanized Proof. Well, good! If I am reading about a bunch of people in England, give me a bunch of people in England! I approve! 20150321_233719
  • We get a lot more Marcus insight. This is nice, because in Half Bad, he was kind of just this elusive myth, and in this book, he is an actual person (witch?).
  • Gabriel. All the Gabriel. Someone give me a whole book called Half Gabriel, but really it is just All Gabriel. I adore him. You can clearly see my ship preference, and why I hated Annalise more and more as time went on.
  • The action parts were really well done. I am usually iffy with action sequences. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes I am really overwhelmed, but I thought they were done perfectly in this book, and I was fully engaged.

I did not like:

  • Annalise. Fine, I am beating a dead horse here, but she is boring, and dull, and useless, and those are her good qualities. BFF-2-soonish

Bottom Line: If you liked Half Bad, I quite assume you will enjoy Half Wild. If, like me, you were a bit underwhelmed by Half Bad, still give this a chance! It really surprised me. The story grew, the characters grew, the plot grew… it was definitely an incredible sequel!


Have you read any sequels that just blew the first book out of the water? And, if you have read any of these books, let me know how you feel about Annalise, so I can figure out if we should still be friends 😉

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  1. I forgot to say this, but I love the new look! (It’s probably not new anymore, sorry, been some time since I visited your blog. :/) Oh miii god, I am so excited for this one!!!!! I quite enjoyed Half Bad and, ahahahhaha, I couldn’t review it either!! I enjoyed it but didn’t know how to review it!! Is it true that there is LGBT in this??? I think I saw this book listed on Goodreads in an LGBT thingy, but maybe I’m wrong? Great review!!

    • Aw thanks! Funny that you should mention it, because I am actually having it redesigned soon! I did this on my own, and it drives me crazy, I need professional help 😉 But it makes me feel better in the meantime that you like it!

      It is true. At least, a little bit. And that is all I am saying 😉 But it is GOOD!

  2. HUH. Why would they try to Americanize this book? I wish they would leave it alone as is. If I were to read a book set in England, I would want to feel the English vibe more than anything else. It’s only right! In any case, you’re not alone… Annalise is a total doormat and I disliked her from the very start. I wish she weren’t there as well because she’s next to useless.

    • RIGHT!? That is how I felt about it too! Maybe the spellings? That is the only thing I can think of, but I still find it a bit silly. I am pretty sure I can read slight variations on words, especially when I know that it’s in England! I liked it, felt more authentic.

      And I didn’t like her in the first book either, but I tried to move past it, and of course, there wasn’t really another option for most of Half Bad either. Which is another reason I liked this one better- better romance options 😉

  3. ALL THE FLAILING! That ending was the best part of the book (okay, running close with the the ship sailing part) but I just love how the prophecy came true, it’s the one thing I love about all books with prophecies, you know the outcome, but it’s the in-between of getting there. AND THAT WAS GOOD. And of course, you know, thanks Annalise, for finally giving Nathan a perfect excuse to hate you and join the rest of us.

    Wasn’t some Harry Potter Americanised? I mean, I get s/z changes, since that’s minor, but if the book is set in England/UK you are going to have British words and mannerisms, that’s the point. SO YAY HALF WILD.


    Hmm, hard question, but I’m going with Crown of Midnight. I liked Throne of Glass, and by the end I loved it, but the first half was a little sketchy for me. But Crown of Midnight was totally OHMYGOD.

    • I believe Harry Potter was. In fact, I know it was, at least the copy I read. That’s mostly what the Americanization is, I guess, is the s/z and o/ou stuff, and some punctuation stuff, but still, I LIKE having that there, because isn’t that how Nathan would be thinking anyway?

      OMG! This is the best news for me because I also did not love the first half of Throne of Glass AND I just bought Crown of Midnight, so, um this is perfect!! YAYYY!! (and your predictions NEED to happen!)

  4. I wish characters listened to me more often. If they did, they’d have a lot less heartbreak but noooo. :p I actually haven’t heard of this book or this author. Is she super popular? Is her cover green because her last name is Green? Curiouser and curiouser. Thanks for the review 😀

    • Hahha RIGHT!? Don’t they understand that WE know better!? 😉 It is pretty popular! I know Half Bad was really huge. And Half Wild likely will be. And I think it is just a coincidence, because Half Bad was red and black 😉 So it’s more like this series is a BIG fan of Christmas?

  5. Lol I’ve never read these books, but I like your review anyway! ^.^ I wanted to pop in and say hi. I was drawn in by your blog name for the stupidest of all reasons: a quote from an old comedy movie I saw when I was younger. It was called /Abbot and Costello: Who Done It?/ and it was about a murder during a radio drama. The radio drama was called Murder at Midnight, and it started with one guy saying in a dramatic, “creepy” voice, “Muuurder…..Muuuurder at Midnight! Tonight, we bring you the thirteenth episode of Murder at Midnight.”

    And so; long, unsolicited story short……your blog name made me laugh, and I had to come check out your page. XD Apologies for rambling and being really weird. I’m just like that sometimes. X)

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