Results Part Three: Howdy, Neighbor!


So, part three of the results post continues, this time talking about interactions with other bloggers! I was nervous for last week’s post, and it went really well. I have read the results of this week’s post and… I am more scared. I suppose when I asked the questions, I really wanted to know how people felt about some of these issues, mainly so I could be sure that I was behaving politely, and to answer the same questions for anyone else who had been wondering! Well, the results are in! So…. let’s do this.



This pretty much was what I had expected. Especially because if you do not ever read other blogs… how would you have found this thing to begin with!?


I am impressed by the number of you who creep outside each other’s windows. All along, we thought it was only Val 😉 People love Bloglovin. This is good news for the people who run that site, no? As for other… GFC! How did I forget that was a thing!? I guess my move to WordPress has given me amnesia! Sorry!


I love that this is so varied! I knew discussions would be a big one (and that does bode well for this post, I suppose!), but it’s pretty awesome to see that reviews get so much love too!


Again, not exactly shocking. Although there were a few people who LOVE EVERYTHING. And I kind of love YOU for that! I tend to agree with the “love everything” crowd, just because… I do!

What is one thing you see other bloggers do that makes you REALLY happy?

Basically, this is what you had to say:

  • Commenting was definitely the number one answer. You loved when comments kept going, like a conversation!
  • Support was also a huge one, when the blogging community all gets together for good causes, or just to cheer each other on!
  • Personal Touches were important to you! I love getting to know the person behind the blog, and it seems that a lot of you do too!

What is one thing other bloggers do that you’d like to see a bit less of?

Yeah, this is one of those scary topics. But, for the most part, you really only didn’t want to see bloggers being mean to each other (good call, I agree), too much drama, or too much promotion (most of you specified that this only applied when it was constant). Some of you were basically fine with whatever, as long as you’re happy (which is exactly what I was hoping to hear, for the purpose of this experiment, so thanks to you, whoever you are!). Um, one of you was angered at gifs, and wasn’t pleased with my gif in the actual post. Weeeellll…..


Screenshot (17)

Screenshot 18


Yay, you enjoy being active in the community! This makes me happy! I love talking to you all 🙂

Screensh20I found this fascinating! Such a diverse group of answers! The “others” mainly said that they don’t like, keep a tally, but if they find they are commenting on your stuff a ton and you absolutely never respond or reciprocate, they probably won’t be as likely to comment. That’s a good middle ground, I think. It just kind of makes sense, especially if you’re looking for a conversation and to connect.


HA I guess I had better try to guess who will call me a wench if I don’t reply 😉  I am on the fence about this one. I guess I feel that if it is a conversational comment, a reply is kind of important. If it’s more of a “oh, I loved that book too!” comment, then maybe I don’t care as much if they replied. Context is key for me really. Because if I have written something conversational, and there is never any reply (and I don’t mean once or twice, I mean consistently) then I am probably going to not initiate conversations. Not because I am like, mad, even, just because I’d feel awkward!


And that is quite literally all she wrote! To wrap it up, to my great happiness, you all basically just want to talk to each other. Which is fantastic, because ME TOO. Though those people creeping outside my window… it’s cold out there, you might want to call that quits, at least until summer?

What say you, my lovelies? Stay tuned for the (sad face) last post next week on the book community at large!


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  1. This is a really accurate post.. I mainly follow blogs by email now, it’s more convenient to get it directly in my inbox. Loved reading the answers<3 Great post!

  2. Bri

    I love seeing how so many people are commenting on other blog, especially commenting back! I always try to reply to every comment I receive, I just feel like it’s courtesy to do so, you know? I always want to comment on blogs I like when they post, but ahhhhhh, normally I’m too shy and afraid to say the wrong thing! It’s a bit of a struggle since a lot of you guys are hella awesome 😉
    I love that gif though! It went perfect with the situation haha!

    • I agree, it is amazing to see! I try so hard to do so myself, because it IS nice, and I love when people comment on mine! I was SO shy and afraid at first, it took me FIVE months to comment! But I promise, once you start doing it, it gets so much easier, because most of the community is just amazing.

      And thank you, I was hoping the gif would go over well 😉 Considering the circumstances hahah!

      • Bri

        I can imagine, I really like it when people comment on my blog because I love being able to at least try and converse with people who visit and leave comments behind! Oh wow, that sounds sort of like me. I’m now getting to where I’m okay with venturing out and talking to others and I’ve been following other blogs since I learned about them last June! I hope that I’ll be able to overcome this and talk to all of you who I want to 🙂
        You’re welcome!

    • Bloglovin is VERY easy, and I like it, but I find that I end up a bit overwhelmed sometimes! I usually double-follow (like via Bloglovin AND Email) if it is a blog I NEED to read daily (yours is on that list, of course 😉 )

  3. I DON’T CREEP ON PEOPLE. Except Holly because she’s the exception HA. And you too. I know everything about your life Shannon.

    Yeah, it kind of sucks that blog tours don’t get much rep, especially if it’s a book that’s just not that well known. I think blog tours only work if they’re for books that are already anticipated, you know what I mean? I never ever comment on blog tour or cover reveals, tbh.

    AWESOME SURVEY RESULTS AND POST SHANNON! Are there more parts, or is this the last?

    • I like blog tours IF I am curious about the book to begin with. But yeah, for a smaller, lesser known book, I don’t think it has the same results unfortunately. I will comment on the post IF it has actual content (not if it is just like, pasted html) and I have something to say, like a review, or an interview or something.

      And there is one more part! I am kind of sad to see it be over! And it’s okay, you can creep on my house, there is nothing else to do around here anyway 😉

    • Oops didn’t finish my reply there :S I do reply to all the comments on my posts and like to reciprocate comments but sometimes it’s really hard to find the time 🙁 Other times the replies are just ‘great picks’ or ‘me too’ so I reply ‘thank you’ but then I feel kind of lacking in my reply lol… Does that make sense?

      • Oh yes, that makes perfect sense! Because that is exactly how I am- I mean, what do you say to “great picks!” OTHER than “thanks!”? I don’t even think you can say anything else. I mean, “Yes, I know, my picks are always incredible” would probably be frowned upon 😉

        And good call on the Bloglovin and Twitter- they are VERY up to date (which is why I find myself missing stuff ALL the time hahah)

    • That was kind of the best part for me too, that it really DID seem like I was quite similar in my feelings as others. (Which, lucky for me that it is working out this way, is the whole point of the survey anyway!)

  4. I figured the discussions would be the most that people read! But wow, it seems like that’s the ONLY thing people read. I mean, I don’t read reviews, but that’s a personal pref. However, I love reading memes (when I have time), author interviews, and personal posts.

    I also get annoyed with too much promo. And I’m weird about self-promoting myself so I don’t do it often.

    “I REGRET NOTHING” <–I love you.

    Dude, I don't even remember how I answered these, esp when talking about the commenting, replying, and hopping around to other blogs. I haven't done it NEARLY as much as I used to, and I plan on spending this weekend going on commenting sprees (because it always makes me feel good).


    • Right? I knew it would be the favorite too, but JEEZ! I do read reviews, but only if they are either of books I have already read OR books I am on the fence about. I will go back to them after I have read the book though, I do enjoy reviews, especially by my trusted associates 😉

      Thank yoU!! I enjoy commenting sprees too, I wish I had more time to do them, UGH. Time is always a problem, no?

  5. Those of you whom creep outside of windows should help your fellow blogger and share addresses! 😉 Er, what? I love a good mixture of discussions, reviews, and book tours. Too much of either good be a bad thing… except probably reviews because, well, we are book nerds, are we not? I do love connecting with bloggers, so I appreciate when they take the time to reply and comment back, but I’m not going to DEMAND they comment back every time I comment on a blog post. Most people are not as anal as I am! LOL this has been a fascinating three part discussion survey. Love it!

    • HAHA! I love that, you want to be included in the creeper group 😉 I totally agree with you, I am fine with pretty much ANYTHING in moderation. A good mix is my favorite, but if a blogger tends to prefer one type of thing, that’s good too. Especially because I know which bloggers to look for if I am especially looking for a certain type of post, like a review, or a discussion, or a fun game, or whatever!

  6. Haha I love the gif in this post. I actually have a love-hate relationship with gifs because I do love them a lot and I use them too, but I also don’t like it when I’m reading and something keeps moving even though I’m not focusing on it as it’s pretty distracting. I love comments because they can make you feel like you’re part of a community rather than just shouting into the void.

    • I do understand the love-hate relationship, but sometimes for me it just breaks up the words and actually helps me focus more. But it all depends on the post, and the gif, and all that nonsense. But the situation really called for it here 😉

  7. I’m not a huge fan of gifs only because I find them really distracting. It’s difficult for me to concentrate on reading the text around the gifs. But they don’t make me angry.

    I think that when they’re used sparingly and to make or underscore a point, they’re fine. I actually love your gif in this post. 🙂

  8. These were fun! I was surprised that people like discussions best. I assumed it would be reviews. I wasn’t the only other! That’s cool and weird. I still haven’t figured out the best way to follow blogs. My bloglovin is so full lol.

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